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  1. Yeah i have! Dont know if i should make some kind of news report since in my first DayzRP day, i have met alot of people. B-17, the Somalia group, and The Grey Fangs! Would be cool to do so.
  2. Welcome to! Also just joined in on the fun!
  3. Knoblauch92

    If you could put one item in the game, what would it be?

    I think a little thing like being able to smoke a cigarette would be bad ass! Would be so cool, to make a camp fire and sit with you friends around it, having a smoke!
  4. Yeah i wil deffinetly be on the servers i lot! (I hope) And im so excitet to join the servers tonight!
  5. Hope to see you in the land of Chernarus!
  6. To your information im not German, but Danish And i just got whitelisted! So im so excitet to get startet!
  7. Im allready reading a bunch of posts! On how to survive and such. Exciting reading i must say!
  8. Hi everyone! My name is Magnus, and i just recently submitted a application, and is hoping to get whitelisted! Looking forward to learn and know you on here. And to experince what crazy adventures we might share together on DayZRP!!