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  1. Many thanks nice to know that you cant speak spanish jk
  2. Ahw, thats so cute! <3 I hope that you meet Mick instead of Aiden tho Can I come? Yeaaaaaaaaaah sure <3 Pues hola tio!! Encantado, soy uno de los unios que hablan castellano por aqui! Soy de cataluña. Buena hombre espero que te vea en el server
  3. Hi Mick! I hear'd alot off good stuff about you from my friend Drake! I really hope I'll meet you ingame sometime! Thanks.
  4. Yes, I am from Chile but I came to Sweden 7 years ago.
  5. Hai, my name is chris but they call me pito. I am new to DayZRP and I hope I get accepted anytime soon so I can roleplay with you guys! Well everyone have a nice day! Many thanks, Pito.