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  1. Zachary Carrasco was born and raised in phoenix, Arizona. His father passed away and left the family alone when shot on duty as police officer, Zacahry was 15 at that point. After what happened with his father he had trouble growing up and joined the Army at the age of 18. The family became more and more poor and it didn't help when Zacahry was sent to Afghanistan. Zacahry had been serving duty for 1 year, when he was captured by Al Qaeda with his fellow soldiers when they were out scouting a village on a mission. He was imprisoned in an Al Qaeda camp for two years and 13 Days, on the 13th day a Canadian military squad sweeps the camp for Al Qaeda members. However to their surprise they find three prisoners, Zachary and the two squad mates. When sent home after the two long and hard years, he finds out his mom had been sick for the two years and ultimately died. Zachary now starts to feel guilty and thinks that he could somehow have saved her. He begins to slowly sink into depression. After three years of depression, he joins the army once again with nothing to lose. Rumors of a plaque spreads and the rumors are soon discovered to be true. Zacahry gets transferred to Chernarus. The camp he was stationed in quickly gets overwhelmed by the so-called "Zombies", he flees and survives, he is now left alone and begins to start his new life in the zombie infested Chernarus. This is my first time doing a RP story so please leave me constructive criticism and some feed back if it is good or bad i may make a part 2 if people like this one.