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  1. where do I put the downloadable beta patch? I'm downloading the dayz commander as you say, trying to update dayz using this, thanks
  2. Guys, I got a problems about joining a server. I updated arma 2 beta using dayzrp and it keeps sayings "bad version, server rejected connection" please help me, I was playing the game just yesterday and it wont let me join now
  3. I changed it dont worry
  4. not yet I have to download arma2: operation arrowhead beta
  5. ok thank you, this really helps uhm where can I see the .EXE?
  6. Im trying to download the one I really needed but some of the times I dont really get how or what to download why does it keep saying my patch stopped working?
  7. Ok so I only need to install the launcher?
  8. do I have to put my dayz standalone GUID? I dont think I have the beta patch installed
  9. when I join the server it kicked me out, idk why
  10. There are 2 Dayzrp.com S1 roleplaying server Dayzrp.com S2 roleplaying server They're called something like that ^ oh ok thanks uhm can I ask a question? I got accepted and now in the whitelist, but I cant play on the server? can you help me please?
  11. Guys, how many servers are there in the game? I can only see about 5 of them? I think