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  1. There's already a fair amount of points having been made here that I wholeheartedly agree with. If you use a text initiation just because you know you won't be found out because you're behind a wall and they can't see you, it's just a scumbag move. I think that's something everyone can agree on. Blaming text roleplayers for the poor quality text initiations is completely illogical, however. They are not the source of this problem, the source is the people that either use it to gain a unfair advantage and the people that feel like putting zero effort into actively engaging and transitioning into a hostile situation through text. On a added note, I wish people would get a little more creative with their text initiations. I've noticed a long trend of them just being the same, copy-pasted sentence spammed 8 to 10 times, which quite frankly to me is a little immersion breaking and seems more game-y in nature (I mean, can you imagine a guy repeatedly shouting "hands up or you die!!!!!!" like some drone fifteen times straight?). I can see why some folks would do it for the added security of knowing they're within the rules, but honestly, I could do with seeing some inventive new lines that only need to be ctrl+c/ctrl+v'd once or twice.
  2. A bit of a unfortunate date, a lot of countries have mother's day on the second Sunday of the month. But I'll be looking forward to the summary afterwards to catch up on information.
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  3. I knew you'd be back. This pleases me.
  4. I remember playing the living daylights out of the first Call of Duty on PC. Endless hours spent replaying the campaign only to move on the multiplayer (and eventually United Offensive, which added some fantastic features). Call of Duty 2 was just a vast improvement upon the existing formula and though I skipped whatever Call of Duty 3 was supposed to be, Call of Duty 4 was another game I immensely enjoyed. My interest waned after the release of Modern Warfare 2 and I haven't played a CoD since. This new game might have me pick it up again, if only to get a shimmer of the joy I got out of playing the originals. I'll remain tentatively positive that this'll turn out better than the garbage they've been spewing out for the last couple of years.
  5. While I've experienced a lot of cool things during the mod days, I sadly don't have any recordings of those. I can't understate the sense of awe I felt back then when Gray Fangs/TFW and CBR rolled around together to create a fighting force against the banditry that went on outside TP. I'll stick to two cool things that I do have recording of. In the earlier days of the standalone, when I was still rolling with remnants of RBO, I found myself in the Novodmitrovsk tower. As I tried to scrounge some supplies I stumbled upon a man carrying a mosin. It was a bit of a uneasy conversation that was followed by another stranger charging into the room, AK raised up and telling me to drop my weapon. I went down on one knee pretending to lay down my shotgun, only to quickly raise it and blast the man point-blank with a shell full of pellets. As the stranger dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes, the other bystander muttered something along the lines of "Sorry, but that was my friend" before raising his mosin to shoot me. However, either due to some cosmic intervention giving me insane reflexes or just plain luck, I somehow managed to dodge the shot and turn his torso into swiss cheese as well. The second one was a similar situation, but somehow even worse for the bandits involved. While I was running trade at Green Mountain when it was still the hotbed of activity and banditry, I made for the lake down at the bottom of the mountain to get some water. As I went about my business, two men arrived, their intentions immediately clear due to their lack of communication in-game and the all too known bandit shuffle (not to mention that they took off their armbands). As they initiated on me, I initially complied, being stripped down to my undies and forced to watch how they quietly rummaged through my sweet, sweet loots. What they failed to notice or do was to clean out the AK I dropped. As they went to take as much stuff as they could, I took the chance to reach out to grab my AK. Giving it a moment to see if they actually paid attention (which they didn't), I took it in my hands and proceeded to spray both of them down without being destroyed myself.
  6. The usage of the term "Nigga" has become so common on the internet that it's no longer associated with the original word whatsoever, even if it's mostly used by younger people or the more edgy internet user. While I personally don't see the need to use the word in any variation, I don't think anyone seriously gets offended over it anymore. Not on the internet anyway. This whole Nibba thing is just a silly fad of which the novelty will wear off soon. Nothing to ban or point for. Though I do feel that those who reside in any level of staff could take a little more professional stance in their public usage of it, as you are supposed to lead by example.
  7. I remember Namalsk from back in the mod days, let's hope they make it just as cold and unforgiving as it was back then. I'd love to see tiny fires dotted around the landscape as we all attempt to warm ourselves to stop from dying due to hypothermia ten minutes into spawning. On a unrelated note, though. They already laid out the current path for the coming patches. Seeing as this most likely won't be until 0.64 or after 0.63 beta release, I'm not getting my hype up for another year or two. Would be nice, though.
  8. My worst memory by far is the horrible framerate I had to suffer back when I ran the DayZRP mod on a wired potato. And all the disadvantages and uselessness that came along with not being able to perform in roleplay and PVP effectively. My best memories harken back to my time in CBR, RBO and NFC. All those groups are long gone, but the adventures we had and the people I met will always have a special place in my memories. Shooting the shit with the rest of CBR at TP while waiting for information about bandit activity, trying to make Rog a home with my RBO brethren, sneak around camps, people and cities to gather intel while in the NFC. Those were some of the best roleplay experiences I've had and I'll never forget those or the people I experienced it with.
  9. For the mod days, big groups like SVR, Gray Fangs, CRA, CBR, RBO and SDS will have a legacy that will never die in my mind. For the standalone, I feel the Masquerade and the Kingdom have had the biggest impact on the server and the behavior of those in it. Those are names that people recognize for quite a while to come (and their actions will have a lasting impact on the server until the older generation has completely vanished). Somewhere I wish it was the same for the NFC with Nadezhino back in the early days of the standalone, but hey, can't have it all.
  10. I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement, as I'm not knowledgable with coding or developing whatsoever, but I feel it should be something that could easily be added through one of the smaller patches that they've been putting through here and there. I'm personally a huge fan of having the gamma locked. I keep a headtorch on me at all times so that during nighttime you can enhance the rp a little by activating that and taking the risk of being spotted in favor of seeing where you're going. I really don't get why people have to adjust gamma at all, though. Hardware aside (And really, I wonder what kind of prehistoric potato monitors some people have that forces them to boost their gamma in-game as opposed to adjust their monitor settings), DayZ itself already lost the really dark nights after people complained to the devs that they couldn't see shit. Even during 'nighttime' it's always still very bright for me. Gamma goggles are used for either a tactical advantage during firefights or to make spotting items easier during nighttime scavenging. While I can live with the latter, I hope locking the gamma for the former will level the playing field a little more for those who don't use them versus those who do.
  11. Who is this "our" you speak of? And where in my statements do you ever see me bringing up the fact that we can't roleplay without gear? You keep bringing up the lack of creativity, the lack of story. Nowhere has it been argued in my posts that it's about the items lost, it's about the detriment of the constant camp destruction on the mood of people, to see their efforts be taken away without so much of a shred of roleplay. Or what, you're willing to claim you happily go into a camp with people around and try the same? Roleplaying is a cooperative effort, not some guy quietly sitting behind his pc for five minutes dragging things out of tents and tossing the tents to let them despawn. It adds nothing to the roleplay. The only thing it adds is another act of your character that you damn well know will go unpunished anyway because there's no means to find out who did it, it doesn't matter how many traps you lay or people you talk to. At least on this we agree. It will be done and continue to be done until there's means to weed these people out of the community (i.e; extended logs, more admin powers akin to those in the mod days where they can happily stroll around invisible). Preach for that lore wipe so this gets fixed (albeit temporarily) and not everyone is a badass/crazy/hardened sociopath anymore. However, I don't think it's wrong that people express their opinions on this. It's good to discuss these things, it's good that we've got people on both sides of the fence (clearly), it keeps the topic in our minds and keeps us more alert to these things. The alternative would be just sitting there and taking it. And before you come with the 'solve it ICly' argument, I think we've clearly established at this point that most of these destructions have had very little IC reason. I think it's a obligation to the people in here to stimulate roleplay, even if it puts you at risk. So if you raze a camp, maybe next time leave a little note saying "that's for robbing my stuff, now you don't have anything left" or "If you listened to smokey, you could've prevented the fire burning your shit." . Or hell, taunt them on the radio, anything to give them something to go on. Some indication that there was a thought behind it other than "I want to make this group's life a little more miserable and shorter." Because roleplay is a two-way street, if you're not here to participate in it and think of others too, then I wonder what you're doing here in the first place. Clearly we're all just unimaginative crybabies that can't live without our gear, as opposed to people that have been in enough groups and suffered this so many times that the only thing we have left is voicing our opinions and trying to garner as much of the community to stand opposed to this and make sure it doesn't just become this accepted side-effect of having a large group with a camp of sorts.
  12. Please, no, not again. I can't handle more phallic objects being shown.
  13. Did this absolutely nothing to address my argument, so please do elaborate. Because honestly, I feel like either you are missing the point that people are trying to make to you, or you live in a different reality from us where everything's acceptable as long as you have the IC reasoning "it's the way my character is" and people just have to suck that up and deal with it. Throwing something like "limitations are only by one's mind, not the game" around makes it seem like your knowledge and experience on this is more superficial than you make it out to be. Again, people aren't complaining about the times where their bases get stomped by a group with legitimate reason. They're complaining about the fact that random individuals come into camps, break it all down and walk away without any repercussion or ANY way to resolve this, whether through IC means (because no amount of IC investigation is going to find some rogue dude hellbent on destroying settlements without any actual danger to his character) or OOC means (because there's no logs for despawning items from people and taking down tents). There's no acceptable IC reason for a lone survivor to go into settlement and raze it all to the ground by his lonesome. You can counter that with "well if my character was robbed/tortured he'd have good reason" and yes, that would be true. But he wouldn't be able to do it without leaving a single trace or clue because quite simply, there's no way you'd be able to pull that off in a camp owned by a big group of people. Unless, ofcourse, you wait until it's quiet, abuse the game mechanics by virtue of them being offline and then do it.
  14. Pretty much what Sam said right here. Jetwells, you try and make your point as IC as possible, but in reality, this wouldn't even be a possibility. Nobody would leave their camp unguarded, nor would they 'disappear' when they went to sleep at night. If you came by when everyone was 'sleeping' (as in, logged out), there's no way in hell you could get away with destroying their stuff, destroying the very tents they're sleeping in. In your attempt to make it seem realistic, you're painting a very unrealistic picture that's tied to the fact that people can't be in-game 24/7. Say, for example, I play a character that uses a tent to tuck in for the night. Everytime I log off, I place the tent down for the roleplay experience. I place some of my stuff in there to simulate having spread some of my stuff around the inside of the tents and crawl in there to log off. But everytime I log back in, the tent has been raided or demolished. Would that make sense to you from a in character perspective? Would I not wake up the moment you tried entering my tent and shred you, the canvas of my tent and the tree behind you to bits with a fully loaded weapon? You'd be surprised how many people attempt this at first, but after a short while of constant, repeated and utterly relentless assaults you tire out of putting in the effort. Because no matter how many people you capture, execute or report, all they have to do is hit that respawn button and do it all over again. The limitations of this game simply don't allow the kind of reasoning you're trying to put forth.