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  1. My fellow roleplayers, it has begun. The end times are upon us.


    I ask of you to take a stand.

    I ask of you to refuse the temptation of the Cat Eared devil which has put of this "gift". We are all aware that nothing comes free within our ranks.

    There is always a price to pay.

    Ask yourself this, are you willing to pay the ultimate price for this "present"? Is your soul, your dignity, your very being worth sacrificing to be able to wear Cat ears in-game?

    Do not give into the urge to accept this supposed generous present from our Weeaboo overlord. Accepting this will mean certain doom for ourselves. Accepting this would mean we would admit defeat those that wish nothing more but to turn our pure server into a pit of depravity. It might seem innocent enough, but if we do not strike this down before it takes root, where will it end? Fox tails as belt items? Fursuits? Anime pillows?

    Rise up. Rise up against this attack on our innocence. We must preserve the sanctity of our community with steel and lead.

    We must resist. By any means necessary.

    1. Rover


      I on the other hand bought the 'free' item so I can spawn it in game and shoot it.

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