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  1. Kenyi

    Show some love <3

    You should really be on Teamspeak more and stop hiding @Autumn, there's games to be played together. Anyway, might as well jump on this little appreciation bandwagon while we're at it. @Halven Not much to be said here really, you're probably the oldest friend I've got on DayZRP. CBR4LYFE. @Pipski You aussie twat, never change. @SomeWeirdAssGuy You might not make Autumn's special list, but I know where our roots lie and brothers guard the gates to hell long after this forum and its population has died. You should come back in for a talk sometime, old man. @Masulii Thought I'd forget you, did you? We might've not have talked whatsoever for the past... year(s), but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about you. Sneaky Beaky Cheeki Breeki to you, my friend, remember to COMMS every once in a while. @Michael Cross I don't even think he browses the forums anymore. But even so, I will always remember the Radio Voice. @Denton Fitz Brother. BROTHER. BROTHER. brother. brother. Brother. I miss the CBR TS sometimes. @Mohawk A relatively recent addition to my pool of socialites. But hey, can't go wrong with a wimpy Swede. You're pretty good, kid. @RedSky and @Fluffles, your relationship makes me depressed, but in a good way. Glad to have met you and talk to you lot every once in a while. @Heroz_Nick Ah, professor Hunter. I remember a lot of fun encounters during my post CBR days (and post RBO days) with you. Pretty sure you went mad at the TP and tried to contact aliens to beam you back up. Good times. @J.D. Thanks for RBO. It's a precious little corner of my DayZRP memory. I still get homey feels whenever I see Rog. @Jack Bandit Even though your voice modulators have driven me mad sometimes, you're one of the good ones, Jack. I totally did not edit this because I forgot to add you at first. Here's some names thrown in that I want to show appreciation for the fact they exist or at one point existed on the server. @TrilbyAsh, @Lunabug, @Yuval and @DJREX (Not really though). To the rest I forgot... My bad.
  2. Kenyi

    Let's switch to Discord

    I personally enjoy Teamspeak more than I do discord, so I voted for that. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I can however see how people like discord better due to it being shinier and having more features (it's what all the hip kids use nowadays) and how it's more cost-effective for Rolle to switch to Discord due to it being free. But we should either have one of the other, not both. Both will just cause another fracture in the community (with people no longer being in teamspeak and others not going to discord, making in-game communication vastly more difficult amongst groups).
  3. Kenyi

    The Tower

    Hey there, Major. We've been alive and well, albeit a little inactive due to the recent floods in Houston making Halven incapable of leading the group (it's kind of hard to lead a group when it would require a set of scuba-gear and a watertight pc rig) and others returning to school/work etc. We'll be more active once Halven returns and the others find their spin in combining irl affairs with game time again, don't worry. The Tower will remain.
  4. Kenyi

    The Tower

    We love you too, even though you're a teddybear controlling a human meat puppet <3
  5. There's not a lot to say about David Hazenburg, really. He's a pretty average guy, having lived a decent life without any hardships or woes that would befall many others. Born to Klaas en Cynthia in the town of Huizen, David spent most of his youth playing around on the beach and causing general mischief that youth tends to do. His teenage years were riddled with interest in the things of old (sparked by a very proficient history teacher at his high school, who was capable of taking a mere historical subject and turn it into a story that would leave anyone impressed) leaving him searching for ways to express his enthousiasm, eventually ending up in historical reenactment. After having gone through high school and gaining his HAVO diploma, he immediately jumped on the chance to start studying Archeaology, wanting to be part of the endless endeavour to reclaim bits of the past and piece together human history through the ages. Two years into his study, David planned himself a long vacation based around various historical sites throughout Europe. Unfortunately for him, Chernarus was on that list, with it's rich abundance of ruins and delapitated castles. T.B.C
  6. Kenyi


    Well, least that seems to have changed for now, though a single day is barely a good reference to see if it changed. There should be a less 'tough-as-nails' atmosphere around now though, as the infection is still fresh and everyone's still naïve and innocent in some way. Only way to find out is to jump in, my friend. Feel free to visit the old guard in TS whenever you spot us.
  7. Kenyi


    You can change your name, you can distort your profile picture, but you can't hide from me, Dayer. Good to have you back. You didn't miss all that much aside from the lore wipe. Seems like it inspired people to put effort into their characters and groups though, so it's looking to hopefully be a positive change. Will I see you out in the field anytime soon?
  8. Havel Kovac. If he still would've had his youthful voice, he would tell you all about his troubled past. How he grew up on the fringe of society making one stupid mistake after the other. How he lost his path to cheap booze, paid company and petty crimes. How his time in jail cost him more than his naïve innocence during his adolescent years. He'd try to play on your empathy to get some coin out of you. But he wouldn't be able to tell you all that, having lost most of his voice to a incredibly dumb parlor trick involving too much vodka and a match too close to his mouth. It left him with perpetual pain and discomfort in his throat, making him resort to short replies or general silence. His adult life didn't fare much better either. Not being able to talk very well without wanting to take a overdose of painkillers left his impression on future employers rather poor. You can understand that looking like a hobo with no redeemable qualities is not exactly the type of person people would want working at theirs desks. Or even mopping their floors, for that matter. With a weary sigh he'd start wandering from street to street. When the streets of Kirovograd no longer accepted his presence, he would wander from town to town, moving on whenever the local populace forced him out or got sick of his increasingly poor appearance. He's been all around Chernarus. Living on scraps, wearing nothing but rags, depending on the goodwill of the people (or their inability to keep a watchful eye on their belongings). Until his roaming brought him to Chernogorsk, where he settled in a couple of weeks before the world became a living hell. He was frequently seen using a makeshift rod to fish off the shore, sitting in the church under the guise of 'prayer' (while in reality it was just a good place to stay warm and have a roof over your head) or sit around the international hotel begging to foreigners for a small donation for food (vodka) or water (also vodka). Having little interest in the affairs of the world, he was one of the last to realize when things went south. However, as the world started falling apart, Havel's life started to come together. The more the panic spread, the easier Havel's life became. The 19th of July was a liberating experience for him, as the riots broke out all throughout Chernogorsk, leaving stores broken, apartments ruined and houses ripe for ransacking. For the first time in years, Havel was capable of living life decently. Fresh clothes, a chance to shave (who wouldn't use a perfectly functional bathroom of a house deserted by the occupant) and plenty of things laying about. Being the homeless that he was, he wasted no time finding the biggest backpack he could find and stuffing it full of useful doodads and supplies which could help him survive another day. He proceeded to do what he had learned to do best, which was to disappear into the background of life's ongoings (the perks of having spent many years as a hobo and being shunned by everyone, making you near invisible). He kept to himself, learned hard lessons about the reality of the situation when he encountered his first infected (leaving him minus two fingers and very cautious). As more people fell and the city emptied out, he felt something that he thought he'd never experience again. For the first time a long, long time, he felt like a person. Not some trash that wasn't worth the time, effort or money. As society fell, he felt like he became part of it. And though the situation was bleak and the infected numerous and terrifying, he felt good. Damn. Damn good. UPDATE #01 (25-07-2017) It had been a quiet day for Havel, aside from scrambling away from some all too eager infected while on his way to the Chernogorsk docks (to which he was sure that his heart was outrunning his body at some point by how fast it was beating). His usual routine brought him sitting at the far end of the pier, makeshift rod in hand and a small can of Kvass to his side. If it wasn't the apocalypse, he'd probably call this a good day. But unfortunately it was, catching himself looking over his shoulder often with certain discomfort about his exposed position.
  9. Kenyi

    Character names and Alias

    I was already curious as of why it was suddenly disabled. Maybe it's to prevent people haphazardly changing names or something, but it is quite bothersome if you end up messing up something or, as others said, end up using special characters and being unable to convey that in the DayZ name bar itself. Hopefully it'll be tweaked or at least be on a time limit, as others suggested.
  10. Kenyi

    Ban Amnesty

    Just out of curiosity. What exactly makes you prefer permabanned players over new roleplayers? Purely the fact that they have more rp experience? Sure, permabanned players (and not all of them, mind you, plenty of permabanned players who'se roleplay was about as bad/disingeniune as their attitudes) might have a track record of good roleplay, but amongst the usual swarm of new roleplayers with each patch is the potential for that same quality as long as you're willing to give it a chance. Did we not all start off as a whitename at some point? Bringing back permabanned players purely because their roleplay was okay seems like a invalid excuse to me, good roleplay does not excuse poor behavior in the slightest. Aside from that, your other point fits in with the general consensus pretty well. If staff decides to grant amnesty, make the process time-consuming and long-term. We have nothing to prove to them when it comes to being able to be part of this community, they have to prove that to staff and therewith to us too.
  11. Kenyi

    Ban Amnesty

    Why bother having permanent bans if we keep undoing them? Don't get me wrong, I agree that during the last banwave (of which several have since already been unbanned again, because permabans are more of a extended time-out corner) there have been some people that made a honest, if stupid mistake of reacting without thinking when the entire situation was at a boiling point. However, there have been plenty of people that got themselves perma'd while they knew damn well what they did and intentionally went in with malicious intent. Not only during the last banwave, but times before too. These people will just have to learn to live with the consequences of their actions, however trivial they might seem in hindsight. If the staff decides to pursue this (and in my personal opinion, they shouldn't. A ban is a ban), they should give second chances (second chances, if someone's been 'perma'-banned twice already, they have no business being in this community) based on objective and thorough case-by-case basis. And should they be let in, they should be held to strict rules and regulations for at least six months.
  12. Kenyi

    Official DayZ .62 Discussion Thread

    I'll have to be honest in saying that despite the disdain I felt after hearing what .62 would actually entail, the graphical fidelity and new audio makes walking alone much, much more immersive than it ever was. I actually enjoy walking through the forests and taking in the sights now (even caught myself stopping to just observe my surroundings for a little while there was a strong wind blowing through the trees). Let's hope .63 keeps that same thing and then actually adds proper content. Also, is it just me or are things more scarce? I'm hoping that's the case, I love me some lack of supplies.
  13. Kenyi

    Walkie Talkie = Radio

    I've always carried a walkie talkie on me as a "radio" and honestly, I thought most people just carried that habit over from the mod days. If the occasion does arise that I lose it, I still act as if I'm unable to communicate with my IC friends until I find a new one. I'd love for this to already be put into the rules currently, without having to wait for the capability of having it be a starter item. It adds a little more immersion and gives another incentive to people to engage in roleplay with others where they'd otherwise just flip right back to TS/Discord/skype to tell their mates where they're at to meet up. While I can understand people's reluctance to being stuck having to search around for a new walkie talkie and being unable to converse with their friends ICly, I'd have to say that walkie talkies aren't that uncommon and unless you're a immersion freak like me, you don't really have to put a battery inside of it. The item itself should be a acceptable balance between the realism and the game side of it. However, if it can come to a compromise that this becomes a rule after we gain the capability of having people start off with one, then it's fine with me too. +1 to this suggestion.
  14. There's already a fair amount of points having been made here that I wholeheartedly agree with. If you use a text initiation just because you know you won't be found out because you're behind a wall and they can't see you, it's just a scumbag move. I think that's something everyone can agree on. Blaming text roleplayers for the poor quality text initiations is completely illogical, however. They are not the source of this problem, the source is the people that either use it to gain a unfair advantage and the people that feel like putting zero effort into actively engaging and transitioning into a hostile situation through text. On a added note, I wish people would get a little more creative with their text initiations. I've noticed a long trend of them just being the same, copy-pasted sentence spammed 8 to 10 times, which quite frankly to me is a little immersion breaking and seems more game-y in nature (I mean, can you imagine a guy repeatedly shouting "hands up or you die!!!!!!" like some drone fifteen times straight?). I can see why some folks would do it for the added security of knowing they're within the rules, but honestly, I could do with seeing some inventive new lines that only need to be ctrl+c/ctrl+v'd once or twice.
  15. Kenyi

    Community TS Meeting #2 21/5/17 @19:00

    A bit of a unfortunate date, a lot of countries have mother's day on the second Sunday of the month. But I'll be looking forward to the summary afterwards to catch up on information.