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  1. Kenyi

    Livonia Characters

    Considering the state of the world and the incredible hostility of Russia, I personally would have to agree to this. Travel between the two would take incredible effort and good planning, it shouldn't be something that one could breeze through. With the decline of civilization and infrastructure it would only make it harder to travel safely, I'm hard pressed to believe people could travel between the two regions within 24 hours. For the sake of the game itself, however, I can also see that not everyone feels inclined to stick to this (or the linearity of time). A 24 hour cooldown before you're allowed to switch your character to the other server (or binding your character to a region through a drop-down menu in the character creation) would, in my eyes, be the best solution to this.
  2. Kenyi

    Don’t file unnecessary reports

    The necessity of a report is entirely subjective. Just because it seems unnecessary to you it does not mean it's unnecessary to others. In my personal opinion, it is not up to any member of the community to deem a report unnecessary or not. If someone feels the need to report something without contacting the alleged rulebreaker beforehand they should be entirely free to do so without judgement. Some people are not very firm in their shoes and can easily persuaded to drop a report, or they rather just have it go through official channels to have staff make the decision. Calling these people out does not benefit the community and they should not feel forced to contact the alleged purpetrator before they put up a report.
  3. This is the place for all feedback, whether positive or negative. Please use the format below;
  4. 1/10

    worst ranger

  5. Autumn

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    Well shit. Guess it's your time too Dan.

    liam neeson good luck GIF

  6. OldSchool

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    Yo my man congrats!

  7. Hofer

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    Welcome to staff 🙂

    1. Kenyi


      Thank you, Hofer.

  8. Kenyi

    DayZRP Staff Agreement

    I, Kenyi hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
  9. *The frequency springs back to life again as a voice starts speaking in the same strained manner as before* Ludzie z Nadbor. Otrzymujemy raporty o coraz bardziej agresywnych zachowaniach lokalnych drapieżników. Obecnie otwieramy dochodzenie, ale obecne dowody wskazują, że jest to spowodowane zwiększoną aktywnością osób, które przeżyły i zarażonych. Podczas pobytu na wolności należy pamiętać o następujących kwestiach. Lokalnych drapieżników przyciągają głośne dźwięki. To nowe zachowanie wydaje się podobne do zachowania zainfekowanego. Unikaj strzelania w pobliżu lub w lesie. Jeśli usłyszysz warczenie lub wycie drapieżnych zwierząt, zalecamy natychmiastową ewakuację z tego obszaru. Nie idź do lasu, gdy jesteś nieprzygotowany lub sam. Zalecamy podążanie głównymi drogami lub oznakowanymi ścieżkami. Powiadom wszystkich podróżnych o zwiększonej agresywności drapieżników, ponieważ istnieje duża szansa, że wielu ocalałych to nowi ludzie w regionie. Będziemy nadal monitorować sytuację i informować Cię na bieżąco. Bądź bezpieczny, bądź czujny. - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ta transmisja będzie powtarzana w języku angielskim. This broadcast will repeat in English. - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - People of Nadbor. We have received reports on the increasingly aggressive behavior of local predators. We are currently investigating as to why, but the current theory indicates that this is due to the increased activity of survivors and infected. While in the wild, keep the following in mind. Local predators are attracted by loud noises. This new behavior seems similar to infected behavior. Avoid shooting near or in the woods. If you hear the growling or howling of predatory animals, we recommend that you immediately evacuate the area. Do not go to into the forest when you are unprepared or alone. We recommend following the main roads or marked paths. Notify all travelers about the increased aggressiveness of predators, as there is a good chance that many survivors are new to the region. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated. Stay safe, stay alert.
  10. Kenyi

    Server split?

    I understand that the server split seems unfair for the people that either A.) Can't afford Livonia B.) Are boycotting Livonia for the business practices of Bohemia C.) Don't feel interested and would rather stay on Chernarus However, the fact the server is so split (I've seen Livonia overtake Chernarus a couple of times the last few days, the weekend is always the best indicator of general interest and activity) shows that a number of people enjoy the change away from the same map they've been on for a x amount of years. I myself am thoroughly enjoying the new change in both mindset and environment and will continue to play Livonia. It just offers a new experience over what I'm used to getting in Chernarus. If it'd suddenly be taken away by say, locking the server until S1 is near full (especially since there's already groups setting up and stories being woven) that'd be a bit of a slap in the face to all the people that enjoy playing Livonia. You won't actually get more RP on S1, you'll just get people joining and not giving it their best because they're forced into a corner they don't want to be in. Or, alternatively, people will just start looking for it elsewhere, which will do very little good to the community as a whole. Hopefully more people will give it a try and see for themselves, but it's understandable if they didn't. I (and some others with me) will most definitely remain on Livonia for the foreseeable future however.
  11. Kenyi

    So the new update is kinda...

    I've seen quite a few people resorting to fists with the introduction of melee weapon wear 'n tear. I personally suggest carrying something other than a knife for your infected dispatching needs and keep those precious knives in reserve for more crucial matters (like cutting bushes, getting bark, skinning animals). I can definitely get behind having melee weapons be tweaked to be more sturdy due to the infected taking more hits to kill. The damage can stay the same, just more durability.
  12. Kenyi

    Praetorian Guard

    Degenerates like you belong on a cross. Good luck with the group, I'm curious to see how this'll pan out.
  13. Kenyi

    Livonia Appeal

    I remember my very first steps into Livonia and being faced with actual challenge and the desperation to survive. It's something that I just haven't experienced in Chernarus for a good while. Don't get me wrong, I love Chernarus. It's created a metric ton of fond memories. But at this point I know the map (well enough) and know where to look and go to find what I need to easily survive. Livonia dropped me into a completely new environment. I put some rules on myself (no using a 3rd party map etc) to make sure to maximize the unknown and honestly, it was the most fresh feeling fun I've had in a while. I put a short clip in the spoiler below to short how close I got to dying because of the scarcity and newness of the map (even though I was fortunate enough to find a old bunker with a magless AK and a knife); You have to get yourself out of the comfort zone that surrounds Chernarus and just dive into it. I understand that not everyone wants a increase in difficulty or to have to relearn a map/the rules of the environment, but I still heartily recommend people trying it out for themselves. It's been a solid blast for the past days its been online and I (together with some others) will definitely continue to support the longevity of the map for as long as possible.
  14. This is something I've got to experience myself recently and left me laughing about it afterwards because it's rather silly. I'm not against racism in roleplay, as it would be natural for people to stop caring about social convention or hold back. But it does feel like people just use the racial slur for the sake of being able to use it (I'd be hard-pressed to believe they so happily go around saying the same thing to strangers and the outside world OOCly) instead of it actually having any rhyme or reason. It's left me feeling like "I want to say a bad word I can't irl, so I'm going to use it as often as I can because fuck yeah freedom of speech." As C-J said, If your character would be racist he'd most often be using it against the actual race itself, not drop it to every single person on the color palette. To me it makes no sense for some IC Tough Guy to come up to some scrawny white survivor and call him the N-Word™ in every single sentence that comes out of his mouth. In short, I wish people would try and portray racists more accurately, or get their characters in line with the way they act. I feel a good 70% of the people that throw any form of racism around are just doing it because they've got to meet their edge quota.
  15. Kenyi

    Current Zombie Power Levels Above 9000

    The new zombies are fantastic, but if too many people have difficulties adapting I'd be fully okay with having the trope of "shoot them in the head" to kill. The challenge they now pose, combined with the fact that people are now far more careful around them just seems right. It adds a extra layer of immersion, as these are supposed to be the things that are busy wiping out most of humanity and not just minor inconveniences.
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