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  1. Just because the player gets (through his or her own actions) removed from the site doesn't mean that his character just stops existing in the world. I get that one would be annoyed or upset at the fact that people who are supposed to be permanently removed from the community would still have some sway in the IC department. And a case could be made that when they are using their still existing characters in a malicious manner (say, sending out hits on people they have beef with OOCly and just want their days ruined) that character should be removed from the world. Not to mention it's rather easy to cheese things now that they don't have to worry about any repercussions coming to their characters because technically none of us can reach that person through IC means anymore. But the impact they can have can only be described as insignificant in the end. And PKing their characters wouldn't stop them from swaying their friends/people around them to take certain actions ICly either regardless.
  2. Kenyi

    Out Cold

    Pictures taken by those who were left in behind in Namalsk and explore the post-post apocalypse to find out what... or who happened to the island. And more importantly, how to get off the island.
  3. Kenyi

    The Grave Of Gear-Rp

    The same type of people that have a metric ton of potions in other games but swear that they'll use them one day. You never know.
  4. I'm going to have to agree with that one, especially good timing with us approaching one of the sites. It added to what we were already going for and only makes it more interested to stay and figure out what happened to this island and its inhabitants.
  5. Young Daniil Daniil Molotsyn, born to a Chernarussian father (Jan Molotsyn) and Russian mother (Danica Lebedev) in the Novodmitrovsk hospital. His father had worked the mines near Severograd for most his life, while his mother had come to Chernarus six years prior to his born to lend assistance to the local emergency services as a receptionist (originating from Labinsk, close to the Russian/Chernarussian border). Relations between the Chernarussians and Russians being more amicable close to the border, they met in one of the small Novodmitrovsk pubs and soon fell for one another. Daniil himself experienced a fairly timid childhood. He spent most of his youth attending the school in Severograd and playing around the outskirts of the vast city of Novodmitrovsk with his friends. As he came to the age where he was to proceed to a higher education, his mother had convinced his father to move back to Russia with her, as the civil unrest within Chernarus grew more and more. As such, he (luckily) escaped the rising tension and the resulting war, though he does remember his father being on the phone nearly every day during those horrendous few months to make sure that remaining relatives in Chernarus were still alive. The later years Daniil himself continued on with life as things in Chernarus started to settle. He studied at the Kuban State University in Krasnodar for his Bachelor's in Architectural Design for a couple of years (meeting foreign exchange students and picking up a fair bit of English) before flunking out due to the growing lack of interest and after a few more years of dreary menial office work opted to return to the homeland of his father to visit some relatives and spent some time refocusing on his purpose and interests in life. During this time, he followed the news on the new virus that had popped up with limited interest, instead spending his time rediscovering places of his youth up to the point where the police and military started to place a curfew and heavy regulations upon travel and movement. He crashed at a relatives place in Novodmitrovsk to "sit this one out", but could only watch as the situation deteriorated to the point of near collapse. His relative, not too keen on sticking around himself, handed Daniil the key to his place after the latter refused to step outside the relative safety of the apartment and decided to take his chances getting to one of the evacuation zones. This left Daniil alone as he watched Novodmitrovsk slowly empty out. He could only sit in the apartment and wait, hoping that the government would be able to get a grasp on things but knowing, in the back of his head, he soon would have to open the door he locked and walk out into the unknown.
  6. Reverting back to the vanilla DayZ codelock sawing mechanic would mean people would go through a lock in a minute, so as long as we stick to the current time required to saw through a lock (with one saw) I'm fine with removing the DayZRP codelock sawing mechanic until our fine dev team fixes the issues.
  7. The biggest problem (aside from Staff having to keep extensive records and a storage solution that's accessible to all staff members to which it is relevant to have) is that a lot of people will most likely not want to be recorded and thus will not opt to join in on moderated talks or get into HD. Not to mention that people will actively change their views, opinions and/or the way they talk when they know they are being recorded. I'll have to vote no on this one.
  8. *A distorted broadcast comes through the airwaves with a tired voice speaking up* Do wszystkich nowych i istniejących mieszkańców Puszczy Nadborskiej i Doliny Bieli. To kolejny półroczny raport z Ochrony Lasu Nadborskiego, który zawiera istotne informacje na temat tego obszaru w języku polskim i angielskim. Ostatnio odnotowano wzrost aktywności zainfekowanych w całym regionie, pojawiły się doniesienia o hordach atakujących grupy ludzi. Większość naszych tropicieli została skierowana na głębokie patrole w kierunku południowej krawędzi lasu prowadzącej do Andrzejowa w celu uzyskać więcej informacji o tym, skąd pochodzą zainfekowani. Z tego powodu nie byliśmy w stanie zebrać zbyt wielu danych wywiadowczych na temat działań mieszkańców regionu w ostatnim miesiącu. Nadal doradzamy, aby słuchać audycji radiowych dla wszelkich programów i utrzymywać zdrowy poziom świadomości w stosunku do swojego otoczenia. Zagrożenia radiologiczne i chemiczne w regionie nie zostały zgłoszone. Zbliża się wiosna. Temperatura zacznie powoli rosnąć, ale obecne zimno i deszcz mogą nadal stanowić odpowiednie zagrożenie dla zdrowia. Ubieraj się ciepło i utrzymuj stały zapas, gdy złapie Cię burza. Kontynuuj gotowanie i oczyszczanie dowolnego źródła wody. Zanieczyszczenie jest nadal ciągłym problemem w rzece Biela, a wody gruntowe wydają się wykazywać oznaki zanieczyszczenia. Obecna populacja dzikich zwierząt pozostaje stabilna. Prosimy obecnych i nowych, którzy przeżyli, aby unikali zabijania udomowionych zwierząt, ponieważ mogą one okazać się przydatne w przyszłości. Proszę powstrzymać się od polowania w obfitości i trzymać się zabijania w razie potrzeby. Zbliża się sezon wegetacyjny, prosimy ludzi, aby próbowali założyć małe płaty ziemi uprawnej w oczekiwaniu na nadchodzącą wiosnę. Będziemy nadal obserwować sytuację na południu, jeśli spotkasz Strażnika w Lesie Nadbor, prosimy o pozostawienie go do jego obowiązków, ponieważ obecnie większość personelu jest przydzielona do rosnącego zagrożenia zarażonych ze stolicy i tych nielicznych opuściło w tyle mają tendencję do wykonywania krytycznych zadań w celu zapewnienia stabilności ekosystemu. Bądź bezpieczny, bądź czujny. - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ta transmisja będzie powtarzana w języku angielskim. This broadcast will repeat in English. - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - To all new and existing residents of the Nadbor Forest and Biela Valley. This is another semi-monthly report from the Nadbor Forest Conservation bringing relevant information to the area in both Polish and English. There has been a recent increase in infected activity across the region, reports of hordes attacking groups of people have come in. Most of our rangers have been reassigned to deep patrols down towards the southern edge of the forest leading down to Andrzejów in an effort to obtain more information on where the infected come in from. Due to this, we have been unable to gather much intelligence on the ongoings of the inhabitants in the region this last month. We continue to advice to listen on the airwaves for any broadcasts and maintain a healthy level of awareness towards your surroundings. Radiological and chemical threats within the region have not been reported. Spring approaches. Temperature will slowly start to rise, but the current cold and rain can still be a eligible threat towards your health. Dress warmly and keep a steady supply for when you ar caught in a storm. Continue to boil and purify any source of water. Pollution continues to be a ongoing issue in the Biela river and ground water appears to have been showing signs of impurity. The current wildlife population remains stable. We would ask of survivors current and new to avoid killing domesticated animals, as they yet might prove useful for the future. Please refrain from hunting in abundance and stick to killing when necessary. Growing season is near, we would ask of people to attempt to set up small patches of tilled soil in expectation of the coming Spring. We will continue to observe the situation further south, if you encounter a Ranger within the Nadbor Forest we ask you to leave him to his duties, as we currently have most personnel reassigned to the rising threat of the infected and those few left within the region are tending to critical tasks to ensure the stability of the ecosystem. Stay safe, stay alert.
  9. Shoutout to the Amphibia-S being the only suppressed pistol that actually works (takes two headshots to kill a zed, but never alerts the others. As long as you don't miss). I'd agree to the silencers being made a little more efficient at suppressing the gunshots (though I do feel like the metal clacking of the gun should still alerts zeds close enough to hear that). Looking at both those mods I do see that they'll also have increased health/durability, which seems a little less desirable. But for the gameplay's sake, I could get over that to have silencers actually function the way they're supposed to according to the game.
  10. Considering the state of the world and the incredible hostility of Russia, I personally would have to agree to this. Travel between the two would take incredible effort and good planning, it shouldn't be something that one could breeze through. With the decline of civilization and infrastructure it would only make it harder to travel safely, I'm hard pressed to believe people could travel between the two regions within 24 hours. For the sake of the game itself, however, I can also see that not everyone feels inclined to stick to this (or the linearity of time). A 24 hour cooldown before you're allowed to switch your character to the other server (or binding your character to a region through a drop-down menu in the character creation) would, in my eyes, be the best solution to this.
  11. The necessity of a report is entirely subjective. Just because it seems unnecessary to you it does not mean it's unnecessary to others. In my personal opinion, it is not up to any member of the community to deem a report unnecessary or not. If someone feels the need to report something without contacting the alleged rulebreaker beforehand they should be entirely free to do so without judgement. Some people are not very firm in their shoes and can easily persuaded to drop a report, or they rather just have it go through official channels to have staff make the decision. Calling these people out does not benefit the community and they should not feel forced to contact the alleged purpetrator before they put up a report.
  12. 1/10

    worst ranger

  13. Well shit. Guess it's your time too Dan.

    liam neeson good luck GIF

  14. Welcome to staff ?

    1. Kenyi


      Thank you, Hofer.

  15. I, Kenyi hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
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