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  1. If the lorewipe comes to pass, I hope we just leave South Zagoria behind entirely and switch over to the new map for the new season. Might as well go all the way at that point.
  2. Is that a war declaration on Novodmitrovsk? The Tower will endure. Joking aside, the only thing I'm hoping this "cutting" the map will be is that you need proper equipment to venture into those parts, not literally make them unreachable and uninhabitable. The only way I'd ever agree to that is if for completely selfish reasons the Municipal Tower would be placed back in Chernogorsk, and even then it'd still feel dirty because you'd be cutting out a lot of people's favorite spots (and also the favorite place to get guns for people that need guns to RP, that being Tisy). Thinking of it, it would make far more sense if the radiation creeped in from the sea. After all, the NATO fleet got Hiroshima'd there, so the fallout from that could make its way up to the Chernarussian coast and make the entire coastal area a bad place to be.
  3. Kenyi

    Testing a new map on S2

    According to the Steam page, the map's playable area is currently 9x9km. Final release will be around 16x16km.
  4. Kenyi

    Good morning.

    Good morning to you too, Marth! Welcome to the community, I'm sure you'll find what you're hoping for around here
  5. Kenyi

    Testing a new map on S2

    Finally, the American characters get a chance to call other nationalities foreigners if the lore's built around the actual location of the island. Now we just wait for the inevitable US nationalist group to pop up on the new map if it's lore is about the US (Devs will have to add the MAGA hat for roleplay purposes ofcourse). Jokes aside, I feel with the architecture on the map it'd be better fitted with how @RedSky put it, it being the island off the Chernarussian coast. While it doesn't look like the Lyutyi in the slightest, at least it'll be easier to create a sensible lore around it. It's a good holdover until they release Namalsk.
  6. Welcome back to the community, Tomeran! Good to see another quality RPer return to the fold
  7. Kenyi


    Welcome to the community, Norin! Looking forward to meeting you out in the field too, just get out there and I'm sure you'll find yourself some new friends soon enough
  8. Welcome to the community, Deadshot. While the PS4 community is still small, I'm sure that you'll find yourself having some fun on there
  9. I don't think there's been more griefing reports since the update, to be fair. The lack of proper means of storing guns will hopefully alleviate a little bit of the hoarding (though it will definitely not stop it as long as we still have the means to store them, because groups with access to enough manpower and time to find tents will inevitably start hoarding the same thing again). The root of the problem is, as @Rover put it, the community's stance of "gots to have the loots". Everyone (myself including) is guilty of that to some degree due to our exposure to games in general. And as long as that attitude persists, there'll always be people hoarding, raiding and complaining about there not being guns to find for RP purposes (somehow the complaints are always about not being able to find fully automatic rifles however. There's barely any complaints about finding shotguns, pistols or bolt-actions. #Civiliangunsmatter). And while I agree with @Craig on the fact that not having a way to store guns at all will definitely be a better bandaid to the hoarding problem, I don't agree with there magically being more roleplay coming from the non "campfire/gear" RPer side. In fact, I feel there'd be a drop in RP because it takes away the value of a base as a hub. And when the hostile groups already have all their RP rifles, what do they have left to go to the bases for other than hostility for the sake of hostility? This issue comes from both sides, not just one of the other. In a ideal world, everything would be really hard to find. Guns, ammunition, food, protective clothing. That would put value on ANY item and not assault rifles/military equipment. But considering the current complaints with the loot table, making things even more scarce would end up with a lot of people frustrated/leaving, which is a equally bad outcome. All in all, this discussion/issue is something that won't go away anytime soon. To end with, adding more storage options won't really add anything right now, because most people won't bother with containers that can't hold guns and as we've seen before, adding more containers capable of holding guns will only lead to a small portion of the server having a large chunk of the loot people care about.
  10. Kenyi


    Welcome back, KpopKilla. I remember hearing your name all the way back to the mod. Good to see another solid roleplayer return to the fold, hopefully you'll enjoy your time here once more.
  11. Welcome back to the community, Jinx! Always good to see old players return to the fold.
  12. Welcome back to the community, LittleBigShorts! hopefully you'll have a equal (if not more) fun this time around
  13. Kenyi


    Welcome to the community, Joey. Hopefully you'll get to jump in soon enough
  14. Kenyi

    DayZ Update Thread

    For those interested, patch notes for the new experimental build (1.05) popped up; https://forums.dayz.com/topic/245888-experimental-update-105/
  15. Welcome to the Community, A! Even if you had no previous experience in roleplaying, we wouldn't be worried. Everyone has to start somewhere (and we were all new to roleplay at some point!) and I'm sure that in due time you'll come to make friends and enjoy it here. Don't be afraid to ask questions or advice if you ever feel like you need to
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