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  1. Kenyi

    Increase the damage of smaller caliber ammunition

    I can see a reasonable damage buff being fine. Though it would purely be for PvP reasons (you can still take down a zombie with one well-placed headshot from any caliber) at least it would open up a bit more weapon variety. Buckshot technically counts as small caliber too, right? Asking for a friend.
  2. Kenyi

    Bring Back The Old Myshkino Tents? (Tents City)

    Personally voted no because I don't see any reason to add more military locations to the western portion of the map, it's already incredibly extensive as opposed to the relative "barren" Eastern side. Not to mention that (for me) it also adds very little in terms of roleplay. I'd say leave it as it currently is and instead (if and when map-editing is available) focus on making the East a little more enticing rather than the West.
  3. Kenyi


    If possible, definitely should be added. It'd alleviate the complaints about having to run everywhere (to some extent) and adds a new mode of transportation. There'd be no downside to it if the developers could make it work.
  4. Kenyi

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    It's a little disheartening to see such a clear divide within the community, yet both sides never truly come together to really make any difference or change the way things work. It's always the cycle of "too much hostileRPers" followed by "where's all the campfireRPers at" and it goes back and forth endlessly without any resolution. The one side blames the other for a plethora of things that mostly applies to a minority (think "bandits just rob for gear" or "people avoid hotspots cause afraid to lose their gear") and all just point fingers at each other without taking a introspective look at themselves. I can't recall this being so prevalent in the Mod days but maybe my memory betrays me there. What if all the non-hostile players started playing hostile characters and vice versa? Mix things up real good for a change. Obviously this is not going to happen, because people enjoy playing what they know and want to play while simultaneously expecting everything around them to fit the narrative they want to play out. In my eyes, it mostly comes down to consequence. There's either no real or too much consequence in the current situation we're in. If you're a hostile player that tends to get into a lot of firefights and/or trouble, it's easy to slip into the mindset where you no longer really feel any consequence. You die? Spawn back somewhere, get your friends together and rob someone/loot places to get your gear back and keep on trucking on the same character. Obviously I don't have a large-scale insight as to how people play, but I feel a portion of the hostile rpers simply don't act out injuries or even bother to really have it have any kind of influence on their characters. On the flipside, there's too much consequence to being non-hostile which makes a lot of people iffy on engaging with others or to hang around the hotspots. And it's not about the gear, it's about the entire roleplay around it (though again, pretty sure that a portion of the non-hostile players don't act out their injuries either or do very much is about their gear, you can't account for everyone in these kind of subjective matters) that leaves a mark on their characters and that they have to incorporate into their stories. If they've been dealing with too much hostile happenings that you have to incorporate into your story, I can definitely see how you'd rather hang around a quiet town with a couple of friendly people and lay low to get some positive character building. I don't think there'll be a end in sight to this issue currently. People don't change easily and it requires more effort than some would be willing to put into it. In the end, it's just a game people play to get away from real life for a while and they hardly want to start playing (or be forced through new rules into) something they don't enjoy. I do encourage the discussion nonetheless.
  5. OldSchool

    • OldSchool
    • Kenyi

    Bruh your profile is killing me, nostalgia!

    1. Kenyi


      Always guardin', Gav. CBR was definitely one of the best experiences of my DayZRP career (together with the NFC). Never forget.

    2. OldSchool



  6. Kenyi

    I know most like to kill people but...

    It's been the same all throughout DayZRP's lifespan. There's always been more bandits than heroes, it's been like that since the mod days (though there has been a point to near equality. I remember at some point in the mod the largest hero groups bundled forces and actually managed to hold out against the bandits for a while. And the Northern Alliance in Standalone, if I recall correctly) it'll continue like that until the game/community fizzles out in the future. The difference currently is that there's zero drive to make any hero groups due to repeating cycle that's been more prevalent in Standalone than the Mod. Some hero group pops up, they build up a bit of strength, settle somewhere and proceed to get absolutely destroyed once the bigger powerhouses get wind of them. I don't blame people for not even bothering to start up something new if all that's going to happen is maybe a good few weeks of initial RP followed by constant IC (Solely in character, remember, this is just a game) harassment and attacks until members quit and the group goes inactive/archives. One example from the earlier Standalone would be the NFC. We attempted to hold a town for a while and it went pretty well. However, at some point the IC strongarming and attacks became too much to reasonably enjoy the RP that came with it. That's not to say it's impossible. But in the end, people play this to get away from reality. And if you escape from reality only to have to face constant hostility I can imagine that wears out real fast and you either stop playing or become a bandit yourself. It's a bit of a cheesy quote, but "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" really applies to most of the DayZRP playerbase. Do you take in three-headed strays?
  7. Kenyi

    Expand Inventory Containers

    If possible, I agree to some portable containers being expanded and holding specific items related to it. The medical kit should only hold medical items but be expanded to hold more (to represent the fact better that those medical kits usually are capable of neatly stacking quite a bit of medical supplies irl). The ammo box should be expanded but be restricted to boxes or loose stacks of ammo (or include magazines if that's what people want, I personally wouldn't care because the chance I'd carry a ammo box are zero). If it's based on a 20mm ammo can it should be able to hold around 1500 rounds worth of 7.62/5.56. So I'm fine with expanding that one as well. Protector case is fine as is honestly. They're meant to protect valuable stuff you have (which it does) which would otherwise be damaged if you got shot up. Expanding them (to me) would feel like giving people a bit of a advantage by just having them stuff more in protector cases and have little consequence to anything but their clothing during firefights. Same goes for Cooking pots. While I'd love to see them restricted to food items, it's currently fine as well. They are already multi-purpose and don't need a boost to storage capacity. Other things like teddy bears, gift boxes or attachable pouches shouldn't need any tweaking or increase in storage capacity.
  8. Kenyi

    Food and water deplenish time

    The poll would've made more sense if it had "No change" as a option as well, because personally I feel like it's fine the way it currently is. Food (and water) is still pretty abundant and it doesn't tick down that fast if you're not sprinting 24/7 (which you can't do anyway, because stamina). That said, if people get the double stamina pushed through, it'd probably make sense to tweak the food/water drainage a little to balance it out. But for now, I don't see any reason to have it changed in its current state.
  9. Kenyi

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    Sounds fair to me. I mean, at that point, who would want to roleplay out a relationship anyway. Two consenting adults (in-game) teasing each other, the man grabbing the woman's ass (or the other way around) within RP while giving each other dirty looks. Ban it all, I say. We can explain the lack of sex through the virus that infects us all killing all the required chemicals to feel any form of arousal or sexual interest. Heavy handed sarcasm aside, I don't see the point in a rule that, as others have pointed out, is already in the game. From a purely OOC point of view, this is just a redundant repeat of rule 3.6, which already clearly states "an action, condition or belief" Anyone who has read the rules (that being everyone, I hope) will already clearly know that a snuggle with a struggle is very much considered "an action" to which the players must give specific consent before doing so. This addition changes literally nothing to the existing rules, it's just clarification fodder. And if we're just going to add clarification fodder to appease the masses, you might as well put it like this instead of making a entire new rule for people to report with; - 3.6 You are not allowed to force an action*, condition or belief upon another players character beyond what the game mechanics allow, unless the action is specifically allowed by the other player. This is called power gaming. *Sexual or non-sexual. -
  10. Kenyi

    Flaming a Permed played and Staff's response to this

    If you're the type of person that gets permabanned from a community but somehow still feels the need to flame, hate or insult people that are still inside that community, you should take a good look at the kind of person you are and what kind of priorities you have in life. If you're the type of person that's still within the community and feels the need to engage in some form of flaming, hating or insulting to someone that's no longer part of said community, you too should do the very same thing as stated above. Don't be susceptible to being baited into a aggressive reaction by some permabanned player that says bad words about you. Hold yourself to higher standards than the person that flames you and don't give them the satisfaction by giving a response, even if that'd mean having to 'swallow your pride' in front of anyone present. It's just some words on the internet, they should hold no power or influence over you or your emotions.
  11. I feel it's best to leave it on until Spring comes around. It's nice to have a change of scenery.
  12. Kenyi

    let amnesty players apply for staff

    Having quietly observed the way the community has been swaying back and forth, I voted no. I do wish there had been a 'Yes, but ___ " option. A majority of the people 'perma'-banned have been for a good reason. They should not be allowed the same measure of 'rights' (as harsh as that may sound) as those that have behaved themselves well in the same timeframe it took others to get banned, unbanned, banned and then return with the Amnesty program. Even if it's been years ago and you're a changed (wo)man now, this does not mean that it invalidates the fact you've been eligible for a (supposedly) permanent removal from the community at some point. While I'm all for people being allowed go get a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) chance to be part of the community, I personally wouldn't enjoy knowing that those that have previously done enough rulebreaking to warrant being permed would now hold any form moderation rank (and being well aware this sounds hypocritical, I would have less of a problem with accepting people that do mapping or coding). I will say (after reading through the comments) that doing it on a strict case by case basis would be acceptable. Though I feel that if done in such a way, only very few would have any real chance of getting through such a application. But, seeing that JimRP has already firmly stated no, there's not going to be much room left to argue for anything else.
  13. Daniël Ezekiel Hammerson, born to Jacob Joshua Hammerson and Jana Svoboda on a blisteringly hot afternoon in Phoenix, Arizona. As far as youth goes, Daniël's grew up in a borishly normal way. While he was no stranger to mischief, his general respect for his parents (paired with the firm hand of guidance from both his mother and father) kept him from going out of control and on a (relatively) straight path. A solid C+ student throughout his learning years up to the end of high school, he'd take up the same job as his father had so dutifully performed over the many hot summers in Phoenix, starting a apprenticeship under the guidance of his old man himself and learning all the tricks of the trade along the way. A few years in (although at first perfectly content with his "low-end" job and no college education), he decided that it would be time for him to pick up the slack of his own absence of career. With the support of his dearest mother he enrolled into Arizona State College and managed to score himself a Bachelor's degree in Construction. Jobs being ample in supply for construction related projects at the time, he'd find himself engulfed in work and job security well into his adulthood. The rest of his history was pretty unremarkable. He made a decent living, supported his old folks (even more so after his father's health declined and was unable to work after the many years as a construction worker) and even went as far as to sponsor his sister's college education, knowing that she deserved just as much of a chance that he had gotten. In the earlier 2000's, Dan set his gaze to Europe. With his resume having been padded with years of experience and recommendations, he felt he could take the leap outside of the American borders and test his luck in the foreign construction market. He sold his small apartment back in Arizona after having acquired a contract or two for development in the eastern regions (mostly thanked to the Russian roots of his mother) and set off to continue his life and career in a foreign environment. Eventually, he picked up several lucrative contracts for the redevelopment and construction of several projects in Chernarus. While being hilariously terrible at the language and unfamiliar with the traditions and history of the place, Daniël nevertheless dutifully did his part in the rebuilding of the ravaged country. Most of his work taking place in the south western region of the country, Daniel never really got any real sense of danger coming from the resurgence of hatred between the russian government and that of Chernarus. It came as a surprise to him when the Chernarussian government declared martial law and had the military take over large portions of the government affairs. Dan immediately started making calls, wanting nothing to do with being stuck in a country under military control and knowing damn well that with the rising tensions, there'd be no shortly of local populace seeking to focus their hatred to the countries that just idly stood by. However, all his arrangments were met with negative response. All his pleas with the local authorities fell on deaf ears. Unable to arrange proper transport back to home within the short time before the Russians bombarded Chernarussian soil (Dan hearing it was somekind of old storage depot, leaving him more than visibly confused as to why they would outright attack it in such a show of force), Dan found himself caught in a escalating conflict that he neither wanted to be part of nor be near. It was safe to say that it scared the hell out of him. He wasn't a military man, he'd never been in a conflict zone. The prospect of becoming a casualty in some faraway country was nothing more than terrifying. He holed up in the room he had rented at the hotel in Chernogorsk, watching the events unfold on the tv and spending each terrifying night on his phone with his family, telling them that he'd do everything he'd can to get the hell out of dodge. It was the sense of safety that nearly got him killed as he had heard of the NATO fleet assembling off the coast and NATO forces coming to assist with whatever crisis was going on outside. During the early morning of the 19th of July, Dan would hear a few trapped tourists expressing their concern about the capabilities of the military forces in the area. The chilling reports of "maniacs, bleeding from their eyes and beating everyone to death" made Dan shiver, not knowing what had caused it to develop to such severity in one short week. Being in the lobby area during the morning, he watched citizens out on the streets, breaking into stores and generally causing havoc while (unbeknownst to him) the CDF and NATO forces were failing to hold back the march of the infected onto the city. It wasn't long before the looting and rioting turned to the hotel, leaving Dan with nothing left but to try and act as inconspicious as possible to not get swept up in the rage and panic of the general populace. Unable to get back to his room, he'd find himself out on the streets, surrounded by angry foreigners and hearing gunfire closing in slowly. Terrified, bewildered and truly all alone (as his phone had been left upstairs) Dan tried to make his way to the docks, hoping to find somewhere, ANYWHERE where he could take shelter. Or maybe find someone of the NATO and explain to them that he was a American citizen stuck in this mess. Unfortunately, lady luck wasn't much in his favor (as she hadn't been since the whole ordeal started) T.B.C (last addition 11/11/2018)
  14. Kenyi

    Show some love <3

    You should really be on Teamspeak more and stop hiding @Autumn, there's games to be played together. Anyway, might as well jump on this little appreciation bandwagon while we're at it. @Halven Not much to be said here really, you're probably the oldest friend I've got on DayZRP. CBR4LYFE. @Pipski You aussie twat, never change. @SomeWeirdAssGuy You might not make Autumn's special list, but I know where our roots lie and brothers guard the gates to hell long after this forum and its population has died. You should come back in for a talk sometime, old man. @Masulii Thought I'd forget you, did you? We might've not have talked whatsoever for the past... year(s), but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about you. Sneaky Beaky Cheeki Breeki to you, my friend, remember to COMMS every once in a while. @Michael Cross I don't even think he browses the forums anymore. But even so, I will always remember the Radio Voice. @Denton Fitz Brother. BROTHER. BROTHER. brother. brother. Brother. I miss the CBR TS sometimes. @Mohawk A relatively recent addition to my pool of socialites. But hey, can't go wrong with a wimpy Swede. You're pretty good, kid. @RedSky and @Fluffles, your relationship makes me depressed, but in a good way. Glad to have met you and talk to you lot every once in a while. @Heroz_Nick Ah, professor Hunter. I remember a lot of fun encounters during my post CBR days (and post RBO days) with you. Pretty sure you went mad at the TP and tried to contact aliens to beam you back up. Good times. @J.D. Thanks for RBO. It's a precious little corner of my DayZRP memory. I still get homey feels whenever I see Rog. @Jack Bandit Even though your voice modulators have driven me mad sometimes, you're one of the good ones, Jack. I totally did not edit this because I forgot to add you at first. Here's some names thrown in that I want to show appreciation for the fact they exist or at one point existed on the server. @TrilbyAsh, @Lunabug, @Yuval and @DJREX (Not really though). To the rest I forgot... My bad.
  15. Kenyi

    Let's switch to Discord

    I personally enjoy Teamspeak more than I do discord, so I voted for that. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I can however see how people like discord better due to it being shinier and having more features (it's what all the hip kids use nowadays) and how it's more cost-effective for Rolle to switch to Discord due to it being free. But we should either have one of the other, not both. Both will just cause another fracture in the community (with people no longer being in teamspeak and others not going to discord, making in-game communication vastly more difficult amongst groups).
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