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  1. Vitaly Klitschko grew up as the second son of one of Svetlojarsk's most well known doctors. He had begun studying at the University of Kiev but sold his apartment and returned home when the civil war broke out. Most of his family was killed in a stray bomb that accidentally hit the central plaza. His father and older brother survived and kept helping the incoming wounded soldiers and refugees. One day a Chedaki soldier was brought into the clinic. Vitaly's father helped the man despite protests from government loyalists. Later that night their family home was attacked and Vitalys father was stabbed to death. The fate of Vitalys brother is still unknown. Vitaly fled and managed to get across the border to Sochi where he as been living ever since, drinking his sorrows away. Trying his best to forget the past. He's been set on never returning but one night he meets a reporter named Sindy Nolan. She buys him a drink and manages to persuade him to help her cross the border in to Chernarus to investigate the ongoing "epidemic". The duo manages to get past the russian border guards and make it into Chernarus.
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