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  1. :Prolog: "Dad why are you doing this?" "Because, I'm tired of living like this... Everything I've taught you and your sister.. You take it for granite." "Fuck you... We've always loved and appriciated what you have done for us. It's time you stop drinking and grow the fuck up." "Chapter One" David was always a fighter inside his mind. But he never learned how to stick up for his friends and family. His mind was always pointing to the more safe and logical option. He never grasped the reality of what was actually going on. It was like he always had a higher perspective on what life really was, peace. One day he decied to get the courage to ask his father really what was going on, when he was sober. His father always gave him the same answer. "Son, right now you just don't understand." He was so confused why he gave him love and compassion for everything that he has done for him. His mind was twisted and corupted by the very thought that it was maybe his fault for everything that was going on. But his mother and father never intended for him to think that. As the time and time progressed he grew even more unstil at his father for all the things he's put his family through. He decided to ask his father to go on a hunting trip with him. He grasped so desperately to the idea that maybe the broken bonds could be restored. It was hatred that chained him to depression which made him indulge himself in alcohol. On the day of the trip David was so excited that he stayed up all night the night before. But something was different about this morning. It was quiet. To quiet for this Detroit City. But his father came in his room and asked a simple question. "You ready?" ,he asked. "Yes, lets get going you got the slugs right?" ,he replied. His father answered yes and they continued out the door. Grabbing both handles at the same time and simultaneously opening the doors at the same time. The laughed and what was a short laugh turned into a slightly broken smile. But the whipped it away and his dad started the car. Driving down the road his father asked, "where is everyone?" David sat and in confusion couldn't answer that question. After an hour of driving they finally reached the place where they were going to hunt. His dad always talked about this place where as a child he shot a big 8 point buck. He was proud, proud that he had killed an animal that was hard to hunt. They continued down the dirty pathway that trees crept over. The smell of the leaves and bark combination was refreshing to David. Instead of that musty and dirty Detroit air this was like a florist shop.The smell of popery and dirt was actually a quite tingling smell David thought to himself. David and his father sat up on a nearby ridge that looked like what could be a good spot to spot a deer. After an hour of sitting David's dad finally got bored and said, "well I'm gonna go have a look around, and see if I can't flush one out." David said okay and for him to be careful. As his dad crept slowly towards the bottom of the hill and into the nearby brush that made him barley visible he eventually disappeared but David could still hear his foot steps. After about an half an hour he got on his radio and called out to his dad. There was no reply. As another ten mins had gone by he called out again but still no reply. He was starting to get worried but still didn't give up on radioing him. He heard a loud unsatisfactory scream and was convinced it was his fathers voice. He ran and ran and ran. Calling out for him, asking where he was. But only the screams is what lead him to what was a horrifying display. He with his own eyes was witnessing the disembowelment of his own father. The blood rushing and gushing from his abdomen. His esophagus was torn from his chest and his heart was eaten in half and laying next to his head, that looked like hit had been beaten with a crow bar. The disfigured person that was chomping on him noticed David standing and watching him in tears. The monster stood up turned around and made his way for David. David pointed the 12 gauge Remington 870 at him and told you to stop, and to not come any closer. Noticing that the monster couldn't understand what David was saying, he kept on walking towards David. David let off a round in his chest but it didn't effect him at all. The monster was already 3 feet away from him and had pushed the gun to the side and had fallen on top of David. They both fell to the ground and a wrestling match went on. David had taken Jeet Kune Do classes and Tai Kuan Do classes back when he was in the 8 th grade all the way up to his junior year. He pushed the monster off of him and stood up. Going for the gun he rolled pumped another round in his chest. The monster was still coming at David. In an attempt for his life David closed his eyes and put blind faith into his next shot. The gun went off and rang out across the woods. David opening his eyes saw the monster drop and his head split open with bits and pieces of a rotting brain all over the ground and all over Davids face. David stood up and ran. Ran as fast as he could until he came along a river bank. He landed on his knees next to the water and whipped his face. Crying he started having a mental break down screaming and pulling at his hair. He then collapsed and passed out laying by the river bed. :End Chapter:
  2. Thank you, Thank you Samaritan for the reply. I'm looking forward to playing on the server. I hope the regular applications for the white-list are opened up for normal members soon. But if not I'll keep lurking around the forum to get a feel for the server's community and see if it's worth investing my time in. Thanks again, LegitComp.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm making this post to introduce my self. Lately I've been playing DayZ on DayZ Commander and I'm quite sick of the KOS/PVP servers that are offered. I don't believe that DayZ was intended for people to kill on sight. I'm hoping that this server is more role play than it is KOS/PVP. The whole point of the mod was to survive and live inside a post-apocalyptic zombie universe. The DayZRP launcher was somewhat difficult to download/install so that it would work correctly. But I stayed at it for the soul purpose of playing an RP DayZ server. I was quite impressed with the actual launcher it's self. But discovered some difficulties trying to actually playing on the server it's self. However I agree and fully support/understand the reasons behind white-listing. It allows the DayZRP staff to better understand their players and determine if they'll be suitable and mature enough to play on a server that supports role-playing. I do hope in the future whether or not I donate or wait until the white-listing application is available, to actually get white-listed on this server. So thank you for reading this post and I look forward to the future role-play in the latest DayZ servers. Always, LegitComp(Legitimate Computer if you don't understand my name.)