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  1. So today at Prod Lake, we had 2 survivors beat me up because I was too happy and smiled and greeted everyone, I was too nice apparently... After being stomped on my legs, my head, everywhere in general. The other people at Prod Lake came walking over to me and fought for my rights to smile in a zombie apocalypse. I appreciate the help and had fun, very funny / good roleplaying!
  2. I can honestly say this is way more fun than any other dayZ mods. I usually play Origins / Epoch and you know, you usually just get shot on sight. I love how I got so many interactions today, it was really fun. Looking forward to day 2!
  3. Okay, i'm trying my best! Reading over the KoS and such just so I get every tiny bit in!
  4. I haven't gotten to play yet but from the videos I watch youtube it's actually pretty scary haha! I watched someone get executed seems kind of scary!
  5. So it just has to say 1? Does that mean my account is activated? Sorry i'm new to forums in general.
  6. I like the newspaper, pretty awesome. Takes RPing to a whole new level.
  7. Hey guys I said hello earlier this month but I actually never made a application and I finally did since i'm off work / no school. Finally have time to have fun! Hope to see you guys ingame and get myself robbed
  8. Hey guys i'm a new player! I usually play Altis Life and there's not much RPing as i'd like so i'm coming here to find serious RPing!