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  1. Jason Miller was born in Broadstairs, UK to a middle-class family. Phil Miller was his father and ran his own construction company that was doing fairly well during the boon and expansion of buildings in the south of England, though losing out to the lucative contracts due to bigger competition. His mother was called Sarah who was mainly a home maker, but would help out with finances for the company as well. Jason had a strict upbringing, which came from a place of love from his parents, but he didn't understand that at the time. Rebelling whenever he could, Jason would contantly be finding himself in trouble as a kid. At the age of 15 he started to work after school at his father's company, training to be a carpenter, a trade that he took to rather quickly. When finally finished school with less than stellar grades, he threw himself into the trade fully and by his early 20's was the lead carpenter on a few of the company's builds. With his father as the owner and full of youthful brash, he rubbed everyone that worked with him the wrong way. It wasn't until he got into a fight with a member of the crew that his father stepped in. No longer a child and full of anger, Jason had a falling out with his father and left from Broadstairs, moving up to the north of England. Moving out on his own is when Jason really started to grow, he worked for a construction firm where he was just another cog, his ego quickly deflated and tamed. It was during this time in his life that he met Milly. Jason knew straight away that she was trouble, but there was just something so alluring that he couldn't stay away from. They started to see each other, which was a rocky relationship. Milly had a history that comes with a lot of pain, which Jason was empathic about, but could not really know how deep the roots were seeded. She would frequently resort to substance abuse to manage and this caused endless amount of issues for the couple. When Jason's mother passed away, he travelled back home for the funeral. Having not spoken to each other for years, he finally sat down with his father and they manage to come to even ground, even leaving the occasion with a hug. It was not long after that Milly became pregnant and it was a constant stress for Jason to make sure that she did not do anything to endanger the child with her habits. It was a hard fought battle, but in the end his daughter was brought into his life, Sara, named so after his mother. Milly from the start seemed troubled by the sight of Sara, he could see the doubt in her eyes. It did not come as much of a surprise when he woke up one morning to find a note that she was gone and she was sorry. He only half-read it once before with a scowl and a scoff he threw it into the bin. As a lone parent he tried the best that he could to keep up with his work and raise Sara as best that he could. It was difficult as she was growing up, but as Sara started to reach around the age of 9, she had become use to caring for herself a lot of the time. Jason had been prompted at his job and was working long hours managing the department he was now in charge of, often coming home late to find Sara asleep on the couch. Around 2015 Jason was put in charge of managing new construction contracts out in the Chernarus region, a place in which he and Sara moved to. She did not complain much, but he could see the pain and loneliness in her eyes, a lingering trait from her mother. Jason tried even harder to spend as much time with Sara as he could, though this would often be at direct conflict with his work, often leaving him working long into the night after Sara had went to sleep. He started to become irritatable a lot of the time due to tiredness and if he would snap at Sara he would immediately regret it. These feelings would start to harbor a distain for his work, which only made the issue worse. When the infection started, he was in the middle of taking a few days to spend with Sara. They lived in a village some ways out from the city and it took some time for word to reach them of the situation. When it did however, it was not long before the village was hit by the infection. Panic and chaos set in. He knew that they had to get out of there and the country. The journey was slow and hard, his car was gone, stolen at gunpoint by a wild eyed man with a gun as they left the house so were having to move by food to the coast. They were attacked often, sometimes by whatever the people were turning into and sometimes caught in crossfire with other people as they tried to battle the infected. In was in one such crossfire that Sara was shot by mistake, a hit that she did not survive... Jason left traumatic and broken from the situation just seemed to carry on in a daze, spurred on by some of the other survivors that were there. By the time they arrived at the coast, there was no leaving Chernarus, it was too late for that now, not that he cared, he was falling into a dark place. He would often look at his own pistol and ponder the possibilities, but something inside him would not allow him, no matter how close he would come. It has been years now and Jason wonders the lands a victim of circumstance to this whole mess. He has just recently arrived in Livonia, search for something, anything that he can attached to. Something that may stop him looking at his pistol as often at least.
  2. Marcus is a doctor from the UK that was working within Chernarus through the U.N. Posted with at a camp along with NATO detactment, he provided aid to those fleeing from the war conditions within South Zagoria. Watching as families with nothing to their names except each other was a powerful thing for Marcus to see and it often spurred him to work long past exhaustion in order to help. While he never expected to actually use any sort of firearms, he still agreed to undergo some basic handling in sidearms, the country was wartorn after all. Things started to take a turn for the worse as news about the infection started to come in. Marcus was selected as staff that needed to be evacuated given his limited experience within biological studies. The conditions of the country made travel difficult and slow, it took some time for the detactment to make their way to the nearest airport. Once they arrived however, the airport was under lockdown. Marcus along with many others where held there for days under armed guard. As conditions in the country seemed to get worse, the soldiers eventually pulled out from the airport, allowing everyone previously held there to fed out back into the country. While he was obviously aware of the dangers when coming into countries dealing with war, the danger he felt now was something else entirely. Near enough everywhere bore the scars of conflict and the threat of the infection hung over everyones head. Fear quickly took hold and individuals started to drift off from the larger group as mistrust settled in. It seemed in no time at all, he was on his own, travelling through this often frightening world with only good intention within his heart, but not immune to the mistrust that seeked to take control. Macrus has decided to continue with the mission that he set out to do. Provide aid and support to the struggling populace.
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