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  1. Taniks


    if you get a video of storing alcohol in a wallet, i will also vote no
  2. this is going to sound crazy, but if your on a rp server you rp, over pvp i know mind blown
  3. Dmitri Malko was born unto a normal russian family, on a frosty november on 18th November, 1990. Born in Petrozavodsk, his family was a military family. His father was an infantry officer during the Afghan-Soviet War, and his Grandfather fought in the Great Patriotic War. While he did not remember it, he was alive during the Fall of the Soviet Union. With that, his father was transferred to the now St. Petersburg. Growing up, Dmitri spent a lot of his time learning about Karelian culture and the past. He spent some time trapping, and became very adept at doing so. While following his school teachings, he also heavily studied the stabilization of the Karelian Isthmus. By the time he was 18, he was ready to follow his ancestral duty, and enrolled at Saint Petersburg State University. And began his path on becoming an Officer for the Russian Federation. During Dmitri’s time in College he became an acolyte for learning about the US Middle-east campaigns. He paid close attention to the conflicts, and also studied not how the US won their battles, but how they prevented more battles from appearing. Also during his time, he read memoirs of Soviet officers in Afghanistan, such Dangerous By His Faithfulness To Russia by Vladimir Kvachkov. By 2012 Dmitri Malko was made a Junior lieutenant/second lieutenant in the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation. Malko became first touched with combat, during the hot summer of 2013, as he was a part of the Russian Federation’s attempt at quelling the insurgents in the Northern Caucasus region. While he was a good officer when it came to the combat part of being a soldier, he garnered respect and praise when it came to dealing with those not involved in combat, or those almost ready to join the insurgency. He proved to be useful for trying to stabilize the villages he was stationed in, and overall boosting the morale of the citizens there with his ideas. By this time it was now 2017, the insurgencies had been quelled, and Malko was now a senior lieutenant With such praise and general selective-ness to become a higher officer, he was selected to attend the M. V. Frunze Military Academy. Here he learned more information on how to become a better officer, and how to properly lead more than just a platoon of men. But this time was cut short. By 2019, he volunteered to halt his studies, and was recalled back to military service. He did so to provide his services and relief to those helping with the ongoing Frenzy Flu pandemics. This lead him to be incharge of a platoon in the Lovushka company, 174th Separate Recon Battalion, 150th Motor Rifles Division. The 150th were originally stationed at Novocherkassk during the start of the third outbreak. While under their direct orders, the 174th were sent down south to help scout out and secure the border between Russian and its new Chernarus Oblast. They set up their main base of operations in the town of Sochi. Bravo company was specifically tasked with keeping the logistics and supplies of the battalion in its best condition. On June 28th, 2020, Fireteam delta was tasked with a relatively simple task. Go into the neighboring oblast of South Zagoria, and take any military equipment left in the Vybor Airbase, and then take any equipment left behind by the 320th. The 5 man fireteam was given a KAMAZ and 1 month worth of fuel. They spent about 3 weeks in South Zagoria, keeping to the shadows, and looting the old sites in the dead of night. By August 30th, they began to return to Sochi, strangely without getting in orders back from Sochi. When they arrived nothing was there. The MOB was in complete shambles, and bodies of their fellow service men and infected surrounded the compound. For another week they searched the surrounding town looking for answers. They found answers in the form of a scared russian family locked in their own barn. The story they were told was that a hellish horde came into town, and had wiped out most of the civilian population, and the military unit had scattered or been killed. From there the fireteam buried the dead, and decided that the best course of action was to go back to South Zagoria, and help the local populace, rather than die in a goose chase looking for dead soldiers.
  4. sadly i have no rank so its in low quality
  5. +1 but idk man the chest implanted belt bag looks pretty fresh
  6. Character Name: Vaughn Enfield Character Age: 23 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? Other than burns? But I dont see that a short coming Does your character have a mental disability? No Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No Does your character have any phobia? Heights, Fire Does your character have a love interest? Yes Does your character have any addictions? Does your character do any drugs? Minor weed usage Is your character overweight? No, Underweight even Are you willing to experience (manageable) small Hordes of infected or wolves during RP? Yep Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Everything is golden Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? My character initially left the US do to the heat a radical militia he was apart of had obtained, as he was the bombmaker for a couple of minor bombings. I would like to see maybe notes or even a person give him threatening notes of his past.
  7. Lets fucking go man also damn hit me with the feminine therapist
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