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  1. Hey How do i craft the improvised tent and the woodstorage? i have whatched the OP_baseitems mod spotlight but it donsnt want to work! David
  2. Hi Is it possible to have more than one character alive at the same time on the same server? if so, how many? David
  3. Hi Just a quick question. What are a mercenary's / gun for hire kill rights? ive seen some adverts from people offering to kill targets for money? how does that work with kill rights and the rules? as it maybe an avenue of work my character could take, just want to know the rules before
  4. David stood in full Military parade Uniform, surrounded by his family and friends. He had completed his military training and was now officially Private Emery. For 12 long and hard weeks he had pushed himself to extremes he was not aware he was capable of. A quiet boy during his childhood, Andrew had emerged a true soldier, brave,courageous and willing to do anything to get the orders he was given done. During his time training, Andrew and his comrades had no idea of the conflict in Chenrarous… or the latest reports of crazed soldiers attacking the innocent unaffected by bullets or bayonets. News that he was made quickly aware of, not only by the news, but by his first briefing. July 17th. Davidwould it be Sudan? Iraq? Or… Chernarous, to help maintain order as the situation grows strange and more severe with each passing day. Captain Webber, walked in and the room fell silent. “So Lads, i'm sure you have seen what's been going on in Chernarus, half of you did even know it exited a few weeks ago... but you will get to know it very well soon. Tonight we fly out as Britain's effort to help the situation. When we arrive, we will join up with NATO forces, and then you will be given your orders. July the 18th As David stepped out of the plane, Balota Airstrip was bustling with activity, Columns of soldiers marched one way or the other, jeeps passed on their way to deliver supplies, orders or men to wherever they where needed. It was clear to David that this was serious. The men were taken to a briefing tent where Captain Webber and a stern looking Officer with a Cheruissian Uniform was waiting for them. “Good flight Lads?” the Captain said “The situation here is getting out of hand but our mission has changed. We are no longer here to monitor the tensions between Chernarus and Russia. Our goal is to control the growing population of infected, stop the virus spreading and protect as many Civilians as possible” At 0900 hours, you will embark on helicopters where you will support the US marines at the outpost at the town of Zelenogorsk. It's not far, but they need support ASAP. Move out men and good luck. Less than two hours after arriving at Chenarous, David was in a Helicopter, flying overs the countryside of Chenarous Suddenly alarms started to wail, warning lights flashed and the chopper began to lose momentum “BRACE BRACE BRACE” David had no clue what was happening, “This shitty chopper is faulty” shouted the soldier next to him. “HOLD ONNN” The Heliporter Hurtled towards the ground, smashed through the trees and smashed into the ground. David awoke to the smell of burning and the sound of crackling fire. He picked himself up, “AARGHHH” he gasped, looking down at his foot which had become dislocated in the crash. He looked around, blood, bodies and debris scattered the floor. Andrew knew he was in trouble, but he knew he had to act fast. Jamming his foot between rocks, he twisted his leg as fast and hard as he could, and his foot popped back into place with a sharp pain shooting up his leg. Nothing that a shot of Morphine couldn't fix. He looked at his watch, he had been unconscious for two days. He grabbed his radio, “Hello, this is Private Emery, does anyone read me….” No one replied. David Checked all of the bodies for survivors, but he was the only one. So he picked up his supplies and travelled and began hiking back to Chernogorsk For an hour he hiked through dark forest, until he noticed the sky in the distance illuminating with a red haze. As he grew closer ,the light got brighter and brighter, and sounds of gun fire and chaos filled the air. Then The city came into view...David could not believe his eyes. The City was on fire, hordes of infected ran through the streets feasting on bodies, chasing those running away. David knew the city was lost... Chenarous was lost... maybe even the world. He knew he was alone He Knew he had to survive.
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