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  1. NOOOO HOW DARE HE DESTORY A SACRED BEARD?! He is the bravest man alive, to be able to defile such a beauty...
  2. axwell123

    Neutralisation Strike Force (Would like feedback)

    Looks interesting Might join in, i will try to talk the vGc into this event.
  3. IGN: Alex'The silent'Poklop Age: 18 Country: Lithuania English skills: I think I speak quite well for a foreigner DayZ Experience: Was playing it untill now a few months after its release. What kind of role best describes you: Close quarter combat, stalker. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Not in dayzRP Additional notes: I haven't been playing a long time in DayzRP but the time I did play here was really enjoyable for me, while most people think that if you didn't play dayzRp for long you are just a stereotypical dayz player who shoots everything that moves, I just want to prove to the people of this amazing community, which I witnessed in those few days( some might be total A-Holes but they still roleplay), that new players in this Roleplaying gamemode can be just as good of an addition to the community as a veteran of the same gamemode. Best way to contact you: PM I check it every day a few times Backstory: My story begins in Lithuania, the time is around the same of the infection starting, I have been patroling with my fellow officer Thomas, who was my good friend, while we were out on patrol an emergency broadcast to all the units available was sent only to lure them into a death trap, the emergency broadcast was about a man eating another man's face, we were late to the crime scene and when we got there it was not pretty, there were dead bodies everywhere, Thomas ran up to a fallen police officer and checked his pulse, there wasn't any, but suddenly he rose back and bit Thomas in the arm, he knocked the officer back to the ground and we ran back inside the car and bailed from the scene. After a few hours repeated broadcasts were being transmited all over the radio, and the most terrifying message was that those who get bit die and rise back, Thomas didn't want to become a canibal so he asked me to take him out as soon as he starts acting weird. Months have passed... I have been traveling all around the country, looting, looking for survivors, I found a few normal people, but they fell too quickly, I was all alone again, on my normal routine I was scavanging shops for valuables, and I found a working radio, since mine got lost, and I heard a broadcast after a few days that there is a safe place in an island and that evaciation was going to be in Chernarus North West airfield. That story was a lie, there was never going to be an evacuation, but a lot of survivors gathered in Chernarus, even clans established, since surviving alone is really hard I have to enlist into a clan, strenght in numbers. This is my story of how I ended up in Chernarus.