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  1. Horatius grew up as the black sheep of the family. All consisting out of hard working men, factory workers and entrepreneurs, he was always the odd one out. Blessed with twice the amount of intelligence and wisdom of any of his 6 brothers, Horatius never really liked manual labor. He was more the thinking type. He ran away from home after finishing high school, not being allowed to continue his studies. He went to university and completed several degrees in the same time a normal student does one. Horatius was never understood by those around him. He always seemed to be able to out-think them and conversations were dull and simple to him. This feeling of not belonging drove Horatius to leave the city life. After studying the arts of manual labor he so despised in his youth, he grew a deep understanding of the solitary life he lived in the woods. He learned how to live off the land, how to ''obtain'' what he needed. He wrote countless books, some were even publicized under his name. He burned the profits, all of it, for he did not want the money of the society that shunned him so much. During his 50's, Horatius did a lot of research into ancient books, books thought to be lost in time. He came across a piece of parchment indicating the existence of a very rare volume of ancient knowledge. The parchment, half degraded in the passing of time, spoke of a book, written far before the counting of years started, supposedly written by a powerful sorcerer. Horatius doesn't believe in sorcery, but he does believe that knowledge is power. And such ancient knowledge surely appealed to him. This book was supposedly last seen in a monastery far to the east. Checking old maps and comparing them to modern ones, he concluded the most likely place for it to be found would be.. Chernarus. But Chernarus has been in the news as of late. No one is allowed to go there. The country is quarantined, it's borders closely guarded to prevent.. Well, the news won't say. But a man with the mind of Prof. Dr. Horatius den Dolder can come to conclude that it's most likely very, very bad. ''Well then. Seems I have myself an adventure to set out on'' he told himself. A week later he locked the door of his little shack in the woods. It is time for Prof. Dr. Horatius den Dolder to write his own history instead of studying others.
  2. Vasily hears the transmission and wonders.. After all, he didn't see anyone around except the guy with the pitchfork. And he didn't sound Irish one bit.. He sighs as he presses the PTT: '' Look man, I don't mean to be rude but don't you think this seems kind of out of your area of operations? I always thought you Irish people were all about being nice.. Me and my guys are not looking for trouble. On the contrary. We want to provide people with the means to survive. Be that a place to rest, a place to replenish their ammunition or good advice. As I said, I welcome everyone to come by as long as your intentions are good and you clean up after yourself. '' He releases the button and puts the radio on the ground next to the tent. As the butane powered lamp flickers a bit, he continues to write the latest chapter of his journal.
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    [SA] Show us your character!

  4. Vasily sits down at the edge of the platform, after he lit the torches on the walkway to mark it properly in the ever increasing darkness. He sighs and puts his hand on his back. All that cleaning up was heavy work. He was starting to get agitated about the situation. He grabs his radio and ponders for a few minutes, looking out over the birch forest in front of him. He stands up and starts walking around the platform a bit. He switches the radio to a much used open frequency and pushes the PTT: ''Allright, listen up. This is a message to the guy in the black sweater and the pitchfork. We met earlier today at Tisy military base, but you seemed to be in a hurry. I explained you about my little camp on the platform and then you had to go your own way. I then headed up to my camp and found it a big fucking mess. If you wanted to use something, you could have just took it. No need to mess everything up and leave it laying spread around on the ground. You are more than welcome to use anything in the tents if you need it, that is why I am keeping this all here. But next time, for fucks sake, please clean up after yourself.'' *releases the PTT* Now let's see if he apologises.. Vasily sits down again, and rests his head on the railing and dozes off..
  5. The last few days (Day 15-Day 18) I have finally experienced just how fucked up the people in this land can be. After meeting up with the group that had so been so welcoming to me and hiking along with them for a while, I lost them. While I was alone, I met several other people who were dwelling the North. They all seemed rather nice, which made me feel comfortable. So many nice people.. I kept thinking back to my encounter with the Horsemen on the airfield a few days ago and it got me wondering. If there is so many nice people, why do they not stand up against these tyrants? The rebel in me awoke and I felt vindictive. After hiking along with two guys, one of them named Doc, I ended up in Grishino. On the road there, we were casually talking. They mentioned the people at the airfield and how they had their encounters with these. I, not thinking of the consequences, told them I might know of some people who wanted to take these crooks down.. We had shot a herd of cow just before town and decided to cook the meat. Halfway through cooking, they had to go. I decided to stay and cook some more meat. Within a few minutes, a man walked across the corner. He made some conversation and then disappeared toward the police station. I was almost done cooking, but the fire lacked wood and went out. I felt a eerily quiet come over Grishino. Mist was coming up. I don't know why, but I felt I should leave. But not before checking the local police station for some ammo for my pistol, I was lacking that.. As I am upstairs in the building, I hear the door close. Footsteps running outside. ''YOU with the cowboy hat, HANDS UP and GET THE FUCK OUT'' Oh shit.. oh shit.. I complied with the demands and was swiftly tied up and put on my knees. I then was questioned about who I was and what my motives were. I instantly realized by big mouth had done me in.. I knew of no plans to take anyone down, I was merely being.. well, being me. I am used to being in charge of a bloody army.. I felt vindictive and I did what I was used to do: Threathen those who oppose me.. I never felt so small and insignificant. A general without a army, on his knees, looking death in the eye. I was kicked in the face, beaten on the head with a baseball bat and had a stick jammed in my stomach. Blood was all over me. I had to tell him which group I was part of.. Feeling very reluctant, I had no choice but to comply. I tried to explain I did not speak for them, that it was me bragging, nothing else.. But to no avail. His anger was awoken and I fear vengeance may come upon the group thanks to me. Thanks to the new guy.. Eventually, the man let me go, relieving me of my weapons and telling me to go south and not come back north. I have been running since. I dread making contact with the group again.. Both out of shame for my actions and out of a fear for putting them in harms way. Maybe I should take the fall for my own mistakes and stay clear of the north and the group. No one should suffer for my mistakes except me.
  6. Over two hours now, it has gone down to hot, finally! So this does help, it just takes forever. Sit in water, as little clothing on as possible (I only wear shoes so my feet don't hurt)
  7. I have been hyperthermic for days.. I am now sitting in a pond with nothing but shoes on, for over an hour now. Am compeletely drenched, promptly cooling off, still hyperthermic. :'). Anyone else experiencing this, or better: have a working fix for it? Or am I going to have to assume it is glitched and quietly kill myself?
  8. Day 5: I decided to scavenge the whole day, to bring something back to the camp that had given me a new home. I walked until my feet were sore and found practically nothing. After a long and tiresome day, I stumbled across a house filled with supplies. I took them and brought them back to the camp. I ate some canned spaghetti, drank some coke and tried to sleep. The coke left a wierd taste in my mouth tho.. Day 10: I wake up with a headache, heavier than I had ever had before in my life. It feels as if a train has ran over my head. After my vision, which was blury, adjusted, I walked out of my apartment to the tents in the centre of camp.. But all was gone. I shouted, I looked around.. I searched every building in the town and found nothing. After two hours, I notice a piece of paper stuck on the hospital window. It has some bloodstains on it. The note reads: To all Black Foxes: You are no longer welcome here. Vacate this area or face our wrath. Under it the drawing of a horseman. Being new to these lands, I have no clue what the horse reference means. But they're serious, that's easy to see. Everyone is gone, they all heeded the message so it seems. So, time to pack up.. Looking around one more time, I walk off into the sunset. Day 11: I walked all night and all day today, moving west by north-west. Did not meet a soul. Had some trouble with the infected and managed to stock up on some more bullets for my pistol. I write this sitting on the roof of a police station of a small village, while the sun goes down. I roasted some chicked on a small fire downstairs, but there is a lot of undead activity in this town, so I didnt dare sit around in the dark for to long. Not without having the height advantage. Day 12: Didn't sleep much last night, lot's of strange noises around the village and from downstairs.. I left my safe rooftop as soon as the sun had properly risen and tried to head out of town heading north. I heard a voice then and saw someone run away, being chased. I chased after the voice and saw a human running away from a infected one. I shouted at him to bring it to me and drew my silenced pistol. As it ran past, I hit it in the head with precision. The man stopped running and we introduced ourselves. I forgot his name however.. But he gave me a bottle of water and told me this area, including the nearby airfield, was in hands of a certain group called the Horseman. I froze then and there, thinking back of the drawing in the old camp. I wisely say nothing about this, incase he is actually one of them, testing me. After we split up, he is heading south, I continue my journey to the north, now knowing there is an airfield there. Sounds like a good spot for supplies.. I could see the airfield from the forests edge and used my binoculars to determine there was no one around. I took my chance and searched the buildings on the southern end of the airfield to great success. Replacing all my clothing with more comfortable ones and more important; with pants and a vest with bigger pockets I decide to also check out the tents on the northern end. This.. was a mistake. First I stumble across a guy, fully dressed in black. He kindly tells me this is someone's terrain and I shouldn't be there. He isn't sending me away though, so I decide to check a couple of tents more before leaving. Another mistake, because suddenly I am surrounded by 3 guys with blue armbands. When I ask them how they're all doing, they make it clear that THEY are fine. But I am intruding and need to leave. They make it clear there is no delaying, no checking a few tents more. I have to go, now. Not wanting any more trouble than this world is already confronting me with, I decide to do as they say and head north again, away from this airfield. Heading away from the airfield, I turn east and head towards the massive radio tower in the distance. I found a radio on the airfield, maybe, just maybe.. I can get in touch with someone from the camp. I need to know where they all went. Day 13: I walked all night again to reach the radio tower and to climb it to the highest point. I turned on my radio in the hopes of speaking to someone, but found out the send button was broken. But I could listen, maybe there'd be a message. After half an hour of trying frequencies I heard a familiar voice. It turned out to be a loop: Black Foxes ; Make way to Severograd. Severograd. Now I have a name.. Not that this helps me much, I do not know the lay of this land at all.. Keeping this name in mind, I decide I need a map. Where to find one?.. I decide to head north again, as I seen the closest town is that way from the top of the tower. After a few hours of walking I reach a small town. In the local busstation I found a map, how lucky is that.. It's a bit dirtstained, but nothing to bad to be able to read it properly. The radio tower is marked on the map, so I have a good idea of where I am. Severograd, further to the north and then a bit east.. let the journey begin. Day 14: I slept in a old barn last night and reached Severograd this morning. But I never found anyone belonging to the Black Fox group. Are they all gone? Luckily, I met two other survivors here in this town. We decide to stick together to increase the chances of our survival. This turns out to be a golden decision. Together, we find out, we form quite the nice group. We get along pretty well and luck seems with us when we find a almost pristine car just out of the city. After a few hours of searching, we manage to find that what we need to patch it up. When the work is done we look at eachother while Jack turns the key.. and we hear the sound of a working car engine for the first time in.. well, pretty much forever. Having this luxery, we decide to travel west. Jack and Ron, my two new friends, think they saw some tents on a rooftop back there. When we arrive, we indeed find some tents. We decide to pack these up and look for a place to settle down a small camp. We need a base of operations, if we are to find back the Black Fox Expeditionary Group.. if it still exists. We hide the car in the treeline and pitch the tents in a half circle. After cooking some chicken and putting out the fire, we all crawl into our own tent and fall asleep..
  9. -- Diary Day 1: I decided to keep a Diary from this day on, having found a blank book and a working pen. It's been 3 days since I last ate. I was running on the very last of my energy reserves. All in all it's been about 2 weeks now since me and the men split up. Haven't seen or heard from any of them since. I scavenged and managed to get by for a few days but my luck has run out. No food can be found. I dug up some worms but I still have hopes of finding some real food before turning to them. I also still don't know what the heck is going on. I have been attacked by.. half humans, moaning, limping through the streets. I defended myself, of course. I am no longer trying to call out before entering buildings. It seems pointless as there simply is no one around. Everyone left.. or worse. I found a gas-mask the day before and have been wearing it since. I don't know what's turning people into these.. creatures, but if it's airborne at least I won't catch it. I find myself in a town, a big one. Not knowing Cyrillic, I have no clue what it's name is.. the best I can make of it is Yephoropck. Surely I must be able to find some food here? Building after building I find empty. Then I hear a voice. I stop for a second. Is this my imagination? My mind playing tricks on me? No, it is really a fellow human. His name is Rick and he explained to me a virus is on the loose in this land, which is called Chernarus. This city is called Chernogorsk, or Cherno for short. He also explains I need not wear this ridiculous gas-mask, so I disposed of it and can breath freely again. After a short conversation we split up. I am still getting used to the fact I now know where I am and what direction I should travel in. Day 2: I had decided to travel west, away from this land. But night came and a sudden fog came with it. Being unable to find my way, I must have ended up walking in a big circle. I was back in Cherno. When the fog rose, I noticed a large amount of high buildings in the north west, seemingly just out of town. Surely in such a large residential area, food can be found. Maybe even more useful supplies. I head towards that general direction. When strolling across the cities industrial parts, I find a rifle and some matching ammunition. I decide to take it, you never know when it comes in useful. Turns out to be a lifesaving decision. I must have made to much noise and find myself confronted with a total of 4 of the infected running toward my position. The rifle has only 1 hit in the chamber. I drop down on one knee, aim and shoot. One goes down. Quick as I can, I manage to get another round in the chamber. Aim, shoot, another one down. The rifle is useless now and I drop it, grabbing my machete. Evading it's arms reaching for me, I take down one with a massive blow to the head. The other is not put off by this, it seems reason has left these creatures. Turning away to the left, I let my machete come down on it's head, taking it out. Not a scratch on me, but that was to close for comfort. I won't be able to hold much more of them off than this without a better weapon.. My training as a soldier and my instincts saved me here.. and some luck. But luck can not be relied on. Day 3: I reach the apartment buildings at the end of the afternoon today. To my great surprise, I heard voices, one of them familiar. It turns out to be Rick. He had met up with some other people, taking care of what seemed to be an abandoned camp with some tents and supplies. We decide to stay for a while, make us of the supplies that are there and add some to the stockpile for other people to use. At night, we take turn in taking guard on the apartment buildings. For the first time, I start feeling at peace, not having to jump up over each unexpected sound. Day 4: In the morning, we are surprised by a big group of people walking in to the camp. They are the camps original occupants. I felt a bit anxious then and there, but it turns out they thanked us for making good use of the camp and its supplies. We were even invited to stay and apply for citizenship. Turns out this group, Black Fox Expeditionary Force, claims the whole city and it's suburbs and is doing it's best to re-establish a form of society. I successfully applied for their citizenship and have been assigned my own apartment to sleep and live in. Life suddenly does not seem that bad any more. With good people and a real promise of safety and a possible better future, I can see why we all signed up to join these men and women. I am still planning to make way to the border, eventually. But I cannot help to think that I may be here for a reason. My skill-set would not go amiss amongst these men and in these circumstances. There may not be a UNMC mission or directive in this country, but since I left Altis looking for new orders.. maybe this was meant to be. Maybe my orders have been presented to me, but not by any mortal High Command. This could well be a mission of Asmin himself, sending his most loyal servant to a country in dire need of something to believe in.
  10. Similar to Purifier, I had some good roleplay today from everyone at the Black Fox camp =) My first day on the DayZ RP server and I have not been disappointed. Immersion of a high level ^^ @Purifier please post it somewhere, would love to see some gameplay of this afternoon. My own shadowplay recording failed.
  11. Hello there DayZ RP Community No one here knows me, since I barely played over the 2 years I've had my forum account, but I have decided to step back into the life of DayZRP. To take a break from being a active member on a serious Altis Life RP Community, whilst also being a member of the staff team, I find the roleplay DayZ provides to be of high quality and very high immersion. I hope to have great times here and will try to record some of my gameplay and share it with those interested Have a good one =) Khandamir Montana (Khan Montana ingame due to character restrictions)
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    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need a GUID reset for the SA server. I have possibly put a wrong GUID in, -snip- is the current and I think it should be -snip- /Carib Do not post your GUID publicly. Ok, makes sense not to post publicly. Thanks for taking it out. I assume I should have just asked for a reset then, hope that can be done =) //Voodoo: SA GUID Reset
  13. Hello, I have been playing this server a few months back, on the mod version. Since that died out, and I have been playing a lot of Altis Life roleplay, I really wanted to play on your servers again. We decided to get whitelisted for the standalone server and got accepted. It says on the whitelist section of the website that I am whitelisted. But I cannot join the server, neither can my friend who also can see his whitelisting got accepted. Now it is only 2 days ago for me and 1 for him since we got accepted, maybe it takes time. Or did we just both put in a wrong GUID? I'm starting to think the ''c'' might have been a ''e'' somewhere in my GUID, but it's kinda hard to see.. Hope someone can help me out with this as I would love to make my start on this server! Cheers, Khandamir
  14. I would like to share the beginning of my diaries with you all. (The diaries are registred per day that I play (OOC)) (OOC) Day 1: Met up with his friend Bor Wolfink, wandered around the area of Berezino for a while. Camped out a Lake Willow, traveled to Krasnostav and then lost radio contact with Bor somewhere around the airfield. Traveled back to the coast then, found a car but wrecked it in the woods about 2 miles further, walking further, finding a car filled with guns. Stocked up on them, took some supplies and made his way south to Krutov Cap (on foot, the car with the guns was busted), seeing the Island of Skalisty in the distance for the first time. Headed west from there, passed Kamyshovo because of a lot of zombie activity. Arrived at the outskirts of Elektro. Something wierd must have happened there. Next thing he rememebers is waking up in a field, unknown location. Made way back to shore, southward, after again radio contact was made with Bor Wolfink. Met some guy in a car who gave him a ride. Chilled out with 3 fellows by the name of Jean, Vincent, Ahren (or something) at the coast. Got a real nice car, a GAZ, from those guys. Traveled back up north, found some guy named Yiri or whatever, and gave him a lift to the Berezino supermarket. Took the car north from there and parked it somewhere safe to take a nap. (OOC) Day 2: Wakes up next morning on the cold floor, no car. Shouldnt drink so much. No gear lost though. Scavenging Berezino, finding some good supplies. Actually, couldnt ask for more. Now able to gut animals, cook their meat, get water from ponds or pumps in one out of two water botles. Got an axe ofcourse, to cut wood, and matches to light a little fire. Pretty stocked up on soda as well, though he'd rather drink water when its available and safe the soda as a last resort. Even met a guy called Jake in a barn, almost scaring eachother to death, and he gave a blood transfussion, badly needed one. Oyeah, the guys who gave the car also provided for this nice double barreled shotgun. Found a machette as well besides the axe, so zombies, unless its a horde of em, won't be too much of a trouble now. Now time for some sleep again, a few hours left before dawn. The campfire will keep me warm. After some sleep its down south and on to Elektro. Nothing wierd happened along the way untill just around the land's edge. Got sort of hold up by two military guys. They said they owned Elektro and if I was to pass there I'd have to pay my price. But not this time, as they were ''bussy doing things''. One of em was from Africa, the other might be as well. Got one name only, a guy named Obi, speaking with a southern African tongue. That ''bussy doing things''included giving me their motorcycle after they switched to a minivan. Unfortunatly, the bike was wrecked by a zombie hitting the backwheel just some hundred meters beyond. Decided to cancel the plans for an Elektro visit and headed up north, into the wilds. Since there's a fishing pole in the equipment, its now possible for me to get food just about anywhere.