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  1. James grew up in the Czech republic. He was raised by his father Ladi, and his mother Katalina. They both instilled two different influences in him. His mother was a loving and empathetic woman the type to volunteer at local shelters. But she was also a no-nonsense woman. Raising James on the ideal that he could make whatever decisions he wanted. But he alone would deal with the consequences. Making James a very decisive person. His father on the other hand was a militaristic fanatic. He had served in the army for 15 years before retiring. And his entire life was about law, order, and obedience. From a very young age Ladi taught James everything he had learnt in the army. Teaching with a strict hand everything from general ballistics and fire arm training. To self-defense and combat tactics. He also taught him some skills not so militaristic. Such as wilderness survival and negotiation tactics. James grew up thriving in this environment. He learnt that power and authority were all that mattered. He learned survival above all else. And that when at all possible it was each human's responsibility to do the most, they could to help other humans. at the age of 15 James went through what one could call a rebellious phase. After going to school and being shown what it means to relax and not worry. He rebelled against his father's ideals. And wouldn’t learn more from him. Ladi absolutely hated this. He tried everything to get through to James. But it was not working. One day Ladi went in for a routine health checkup. Only to find all those years of cigarettes had taken a toll on him. He had lung cancer. In this time James stopped fighting his father and regretted losing precious time with him. He did everything he could to prove to his father that he could be the man he wanted him to be. 5 months after the checkup Ladi died in a hospital bed. This shook James to his core. After his death James refused to allow himself mourn. Instead fully dedicating himself to the lessons his father had taught him. Up until the age of 18 where his mom died as well to breast cancer. This truly broke him. But he refused to give up. Seeking a purpose in his life he traveled around trying to find such a thing. Constantly honing his skills and testing himself. Until on one faithful day he got the news he had unknowingly been hoping for this entire time. In January of 2020 James got the news of the Caedesviridae virus spreading in Chernarus. And headed there immediately. He had done extensive research on viral infection spread and had a feeling this was going to be bigger than people made it out to be. Arriving at the Chernarus border he wouldn’t be permitted entry as he was not a local. So, he ditched all of his gear and personal items buying some civilian cloths and a few necessities and snuck in under the guise of a local who had been outside of the city until then. Once inside he spent the time he had researching the local area and doing what research he could do on local wild life and culture so he wouldn’t seem completely a stranger. He did so very well and as of the time of the outbreak break and shut down he had managed to equip himself with some basic survival gear and an extensive knowledge of local cities and roads. Plus, local fauna and wild life. He then began his personal journey in this post-apocalyptic to find meaning and put his skills to use, trying to save or help people where he could but keeping a very cautious eye for situations he couldn’t handle or people looking to trick him and hurt him in some way. The next few months he spent in Chernarus had vastly changed his outlook on the world. His knowledge, skills, and preparations had served him well. But in his delusions of finding purpose and being a hero, he had failed to properly grasp the situation he had just launched himself into head first. After about two months he began becoming very cold and calculated. Relying more on his father's teaching so as to not get hurt or even killed. He suspected he was immune to the virus after a few close calls but was not willing to risk it. But every now and then when he saw people in need the influence of his mother's more empathetic and selfless nature could shine through. Helping people he maybe shouldn’t have or giving resources to those in need that he could have used himself. As time went on and on James became a very solitary man. Not often joining groups. And when he did, he was very distrusting and would only join out of necessity and for a very temporary time. He had become a man of very few words very rarely speaking his mind and mainly chirping in for the minimum amount of socializing required and to express what he believed to be the best course of action. He also became less empathetic as his mom's influence seemed to shine less brightly, more often than not just avoiding hurting or being mean to innocent or decent people when he could. but rarely going out of his own way to help them. Unless they had some use or benefit to offer to him that is. He also became more broken on the inside often times choosing to threaten, hurt, or kill people who posed a threat to him. But he did this rarely since he was intelligent enough to recognize the innate danger and short termedness of that mind set. After all he might be not one hundred percent right in the mind but he did enjoy living to some extent. He was just very careful to not think too hard about why he was doing all this.
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