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  1. Jack Carter, Quite an extensive record. Originally operating inside of the United States military as a Marine Sniper discharged after violent conflict with a superior. Later went on to Contract out to Black-Water PMC as a relief effort during the initial outbreak in Chernarus, later to be forcefully removed because of conflict of interest in the military effort being assumed in the country. Then had a stint in the CIA as an informant for the outbreak only to tender his resignation because of a lack of interest on the CIA's Behalf to send him abroad. Jack has always been know to be very scattered in his mentality. Being able to shift emotions very quickly and also shut them off entirely. He has a severe lack of self value and often times places himself into dangerous situations without regards to his own life value. This is largely in part to him having a rather soft upbringing and always thinking that he was invincible. After his stints in the military those thoughts quickly fled and now he sacrifices life and limb to protect all life, even those who may not deserve it. Jack always had a difficult time making up his mind, doing good always came naturally to him. Secondary MOS in the Marines being a Coreman he enjoyed helping people, it was his passion, its why he pursued the careers he did in the first place. However, during the worldwide outbreak of the infection he had managed to be one of the last people landing in the country on a private plane of which the pilot he now owes a large sum of money, and an expensive bottle of Whiskey. Knowing exactly the danger he is getting himself into, although his original intention to extract survivors to safety he now must fend for himself as the world slowly falls into chaos. Will his good nature last? Or will he resort to more barbaric methods of survival, something he must ask himself every time he wakes up.
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