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  1. Ya I just hoped for US 1st person because of connection but I can live with S3. Just wanted to see the results.
  2. Ya but what if we want a different 3rd person only server. I'm in US so was just curious to see if it could be 1st person.
  3. i would like to create a thread that has 4 poll options to see which or if hardcore is wanted in any of the current servers. Third person does not increase your peripheral except for behind you otherwise it is just for viewing your character. I myself play mainly on regular but do like to play hardcore when I want real immersion. For example I do all the boring running in regular then switch to hardcore when I am entering a city, base, or areas where players may be present; just to get that immersive experience. Also no first person gets rid of cheaters finding you over a wall, around a corner, etc. Please vote! We need this matter addressed and we must try to get as many people as possible so we may put this common topic to bed. Thank You!
  4. Now it just says connection failed. ???? How are you connecting? Are you connecting through steam or the launcher? Do you have all the patches for the RP mod? Through launcher and i have all patches. Should i just reinstall arma2, and arma 2 oa? Now it just says connection failed. ???? How are you connecting? Are you connecting through steam or the launcher? Do you have all the patches for the RP mod? Now every time I load up the launcher it redownloads everything(And pops up with errors each time)!! I'm pissed at technology right now I give up... >
  5. This didn't work. Please help Now it just says connection failed. ????
  6. So I am trying to play DayZ but it says BattleEye failed to update. Please help.
  7. IDK most people don't want to be friendly when throwing people out or in cars(unless they are injured). Like I said there should be a set rules if this ever makes it to DayZRP.
  8. You shouldn't be able to pull people out of cars instantly. Maybe a rule that once you initiate like always they have 10 secs to either GTFO or say they surrender. If they stay in the car till 1 you then can pull them out. And putting in cars person should be cholorofor ed, ductaped, hostage etc. Or maybe even for people like FM if someone asked to be taken in their car because they have broken legs or whatever, so they get permission to put people in cars if they ask. (Something along these lines) Tell me what you guys think.
  9. Well I do those updates too but also I do updates for Arma on DayZ comander because thats where I play w friends. But anyway thanks to you guys for clarifing.
  10. Where can I find the beta patch because I just installed 112555 that came out recently on DayZ Commander where I play epoch and stuff with friends
  11. So I downloaded the update to play with my friends on epoch and now I realize it doesn't seem like DayZRP is going to update. No where on this here website is anyone talking about updating. I have to update and downgrade a lot because of this. My question is just simply will DayZRP ever update or do I still have to keep doing this for forever?
  12. +1 This is a great idea/suggestion because it will help stop duping, objects deleting and it will provide organization. People won't be able to steal hardly at all and there'll be a lot less glitches. I say we should have this implemented.
  13. I was teleported back. And I don't know how the system works so I assumed it must be bugged but I guess there was some confusion involved. As where I was teleported I had never been before as that character. Also why can't you admins give us back lost gear or at least food, water, and a heatpack. I ended up dying of all three of those because I lost my gear.
  14. When the admins teloported me to my last known location they put me in Pavlovo when before I was in Kabanino looting a heli crash. So the logs must be bugged. Time: GMT +6:00 (4:15) Date: 4-25-14 Server: 2 Chernarus mod. How it started: After I changed clothes I was teloported to the ocean and lost all my gear and started to undergo hypothermeya
  15. I know I put what I actually plan to do in life so ya...