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  1. Born in Romania and moving to America when he was only 14. He grew up not having a lot of lasting relationships because of the immigration that his family had(which to him is still unknown as to why they moved). Was actually not the biggest fan of video games as he was growing up, but when he got into highschool a lot of his friends played them and got him hooked. He already knew how to code a little bit at the time, so he decided to use his skills to start creating his own little games and showing them to his parents and friends. This grew to him going to get a Computer Science degree and starting work at a game studio. The studio was working on a game stationed in Europe and sent Stark on a business trip along with some colleagues to Cherno to see the way people live and the environment. This was unfortunately bad timing...as the infection started shortly after he arrived. He got separated from his colleagues and is now trying to survive while the infection plays out. Without much knowledge of guns, medical treatment or the area he is in. He is wondering the map learning and trying his best to stay alive.
  2. Beast7Gamer

    How many reports have you made in total?

    1. Thats it....
  3. Hmm... as much as I don't like people smoking, I'd give Stark a pack of smokes and teach him how to read a fucking map.
  4. Beast7Gamer

    Realistic use of medicine in DayZRP

    Great read and great information. Thank you for taking the time and writing this out in a nice and easy to read format, it makes it real nice for newcomers and anyone else.
  5. Did something similar once, but it was that i had a character that had just recently received amnesia and they were still recovering so the character was essentially a blank slate, of course meeting people and stuff was weird since well, i didnt even know my own name. But after a while I kind of just assumed a name and went with it, trying to piece together a story from my surroundings and the people I met. Its definitely worth giving it a try since it can be very fun.
  6. Beast7Gamer

    Santa Hat Avatars! [OPEN]

    Many thanks
  7. Beast7Gamer

    Santa Hat Avatars! [OPEN]

    i dont see why not, im in
  8. When people just dont seem engaged into the game, so pretty much not paying attention to whats happening in front of them. Oh also using really cliche lines that would get you killed just because they sound cool . Hmm yeah also when people dress super military when they are supposed to be a civilian like I understand if its just a vest and combat boots since they are durable but when you're wearing full camo and ballistics...yeah what? And most importantly when someone just plays the most stereotypical character you can think of, in my opinion its just not creative at all...dont like it. Thats just a couple things.
  9. *weeps* whyyy... *i was a couple months in....welp here we go again
  10. Very nice, great choice in music and keep it up man
  11. Beast7Gamer

    Sanity Called on Account of the Apocalypse (PTSD and you)

    Great information and thank you for the effort put into it. I'll first of all be sure to keep these things in mind if I ever make a character with PTSD as I have yet to do that, though I have met some people in game that have it and hopefully this will help them develop their characters better and more realistically to improve their roleplay.
  12. Great video, excited to see what happens. I suggest to make a thread when the first episode goes up and keep updating it when new episodes get made. I hope to see you in game and good luck.
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    Why did the skeleton go to the BBQ? To get some ribs. Why do cannibals always get to dinner early? They don't want the cold shoulder. Have you ever tried to eat a clock? It's very time consuming.