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  1. I tried out a few variations of that method and it seems to have wprled, thanks a bunch guys.
  2. Good afternoon everyone. Just a quick question, I seem to be spawning in as random characters that don't fit my RP character. I'm finding it a bit immersion breaking, and I don't really want to keep killing myself over and over to try and get the guy I want. Is this some kind of a bug or am I missing something? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello again pal. Just re-checked everything due to my suspicious nature, and I noticed that I hadn't put the S in the "s1.dayzrp.com". This is booting straight into the Chernarus server now. Many thanks, and have a good night!
  4. Hey there mate, thanks for the nifty reply. Just applied these settings. When I load it up, I get a message saying "Connecting failed, an unknown error has occured ". Cheers again.
  5. As the title says, I am having a small amount of trouble locating the server to connect onto in the server brower. After typing DayZRP.com (and a variety of other versions) into the community server browser, there seems to be no results. Any suggestions on this? Danke!
  6. Aleksandr Yanovich was born as a son to a Master Hunter - Chernarussian farther and Russian mother. He lived in Chernarus for 19 years, learning, honing his craft as a hunter under his farthers nurture. He had become a fine sharpshooter, and excellent trapper, all at a suprisingly young age. Despite this, he longed for a more adventurous life, for he knew the woods and fields of Chernarus, and they knew him. What he sought could not be obtained in the countryside. Upon the conclusion of the 2009 civil war, (and Aleksandr's coming of age) he left Chernarus to make a name of himself elsewhere, and escape the somewhat smothering shadow of his farther... By 2010, Sasha had been lured to Russia in promise of good work, technological modernity and beautiful women. What he found was not what his naïve imagination had encapsulated all those months ago, when he had heard tales about the prospects of the "greater world" in the local pub from drunken friends and old soldiers. He landed himself in an apprenticeship as a car mechanic for the next 6 years. The money was sufficient, and he had only his own mouth to feed, but Sasha's gluttony for alcohol, and ambition for greatness, led to discontent in his self perceived mediocre life. This was all suddenly cast aside, when one day, in the post he received a letter signed in his mothers initals. What read in brown paper note, was a plea for his hasty return. His farther had fell grievously ill during the previous winter, and had still yet to show signs of recovering. Subsequently: his mother was struggling to cope financially and emotionally. Sensing that this might be the death of his family, Sasha took off back to Chernarus as soon as he had accumilated enough money to travel. Arriving less than a week later, Sasha arrived in time to say goodbye to his farther before he passed away. The year was now 2017. Sasha was home again. He lived with his mother in their family home for the next 7 months, hunting and fishing the land, while his mother sold caught pelts and a small amount of spare produce, that they had grown in the local markets. Life was peaceful for a time and Sasha had felt this too. This peace would be short lived, as his mother joined his farther in an early grave from grief of her husbands death. Sasha was now alone, and hunted the forests of land as his farther did in his early years. He found this humorous in an ironic sense, for he had become exactly what he had left Chernarus to avoid. Weeks passed and nightmare-like disaster struck Chernarus. Rumours spread that the dead roamed the forests, and the outside world had dawned silent. Panic insued, and the events that led to the catastrophic outcome played out, as Sasha remained secluded in his family home. Narrowly avoiding the chaos of the undead and living alike, Sasha emerged from his forests, and found the world was a quiet place. Yet he still hunts the woods and fields of his homeland, refusing to leave - not seeing the point of fleeing for elsewhere, when all he's known is where he resides. These days, he finds less that of a beast on the other end of his scope, and more so, a sillouette of a man, be dead, or living...
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