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  1. Okay at least I'm not the only one who has had a similar encounter with Satan! Admittedly at first I was very upset by this twist of fate, but now I can't help but laugh as I have brief flashbacks to it. Might start a new chap who I'll RP as a demonic car exorcist with bats in the attic. Thoughts?
  2. So I just logged back into my fully-geared character after the Chernarus server restart, and my good man Aleksandr stumbled across a car (what luck!). Decided to jump in and give it a spin, only to discover it appeared to be stuck, despite the engine starting. Upon exitting the vehicle, and opening the bonnet to check out the issue, my character started to edmit the injured sound effects one after the other, at a rate that can only be compared to a fully-automatic weapon. When trying to move away from the car, (after quickly noticing my health rapidly depleting) my character model started to glitch his body in an extremely unnatural manner, subsequently stun locking him against the car and resulting in his anticlimactic demise. Any ideas on what this demonic-esque encounter was and how I might prevent my future blokes from suffering the same fate? (Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong topic).
  3. Alakazam

    The Hunter

    Small collection of images I have and will take on my character Aleksander Yanovich.
  4. I tried out a few variations of that method and it seems to have wprled, thanks a bunch guys.
  5. Good afternoon everyone. Just a quick question, I seem to be spawning in as random characters that don't fit my RP character. I'm finding it a bit immersion breaking, and I don't really want to keep killing myself over and over to try and get the guy I want. Is this some kind of a bug or am I missing something? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello again pal. Just re-checked everything due to my suspicious nature, and I noticed that I hadn't put the S in the "s1.dayzrp.com". This is booting straight into the Chernarus server now. Many thanks, and have a good night!
  7. Hey there mate, thanks for the nifty reply. Just applied these settings. When I load it up, I get a message saying "Connecting failed, an unknown error has occured ". Cheers again.
  8. As the title says, I am having a small amount of trouble locating the server to connect onto in the server brower. After typing DayZRP.com (and a variety of other versions) into the community server browser, there seems to be no results. Any suggestions on this? Danke!
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