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  1. Evelyne didn't really like Chernasus. It was plain, boring and nothing like back home in France. Though her father had passed away when she was very young, his side of the family insisted on trying to keep Eve and her brother as close as possible. Most Christmases, the two of them and their mother would travel from France to Chernasus to stay for the holiday period. She did love her Cherussian grandparents, but the culture and country were so different from what she knew. So...plain. It was a typical cold, dull day when the news spread through the village. The radio spurted things that sounded like stories. No one wanted to believe it was true. Evelyne and her family tried to remain calm, and it was fine for a few days. There was a strange air in the house, but nothing other than that. But it changed fast. Not much is left now. A night not long after the broadcasts started, Evelyne found her mother dead, along with her grandparents. Something got in. Something… Her brother was missing. He wasn’t in the house that day, for better or worse. If there’s a chance he’s out there, she must keep trying. Keep pushing, keep going.
  2. Kostina Yuliana grew up in Chernarus, she and her family lived in a small village just outside Zelenogorsk. Life was good; if not a little boring for a teenage girl. She helped with the housework, visited the city with her friends and studied hard in hopes of going to medical school and becoming a nurse, just like her mother. Her brother, Ipatyev, was in the military and she would not seen him for months to years at a time. They were both close growing up, the two of them would often take hunting trips together into the nearby woodland. They would track wolves and deer over several days, bringing home what they killed for their mother to cook up. She held those fond memories close to her. After the news and panic spread across the country, Kostina's family was suddenly severed. Her father, upon hearing about the condition of the CDF base up north, quickly rushed from their home. He wanted to bring his son back safe; he wanted to try, at least. Her mother was pushed to work overtime at the Zelenogorsk hospital, trying to treat the countless ailed that flooded the doors. She quickly fell victim to the illness herself, leaving Kostina alone in a world that was changing so rapidly. Clinging to the hope that her brother and father are still alive, she decided to travel in search of them. She had to be strong, like her brother. She wanted to help and heal, like her mother. If the only people she had left could still be out there, she wanted to find them. She had to.
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