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groovy lamb

"Time rots everything, even hope."

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  1. i'm a weenie and tried to make Soup Kitchen in the sims...feel free 2 mute the video and just look :')


    1. Miamomoh


      Good thing I’m there, my soup will be the best soup kitchen has ever seen! :^)

    2. Azu


      Why the fuck are my carvings everywhere

    3. Morytania


      My heart!! That's adorable ?

    4. Imagine


      BIG POG.... can... can i be in this world? ???

    5. Morytania


      I too wish to join the sims world of soup kitchen


    6. groovy lamb

      groovy lamb

      yes ofc!! I'm currently at the 8 sim household limit, but I have a mod that can change it! Just join a channel i'm in sometime and we can make ur character ❤️

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