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"Time rots everything, even hope."

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  1. ☀ - ☀ - ☀ ☀ - ☀ - ☀ ☀ - ☀ - ☀ Niamh McCoomer was born in 2001 to Paddy and Sheila McCoomer, in Tallaght, Ireland. Being your typical Irish household, Niamh grew up surrounded by her family, and was particularily close to her brothers. She would hang around (and annoy) them all as much as they'd let her, often following them in their activities - including her brother's infamous bare-knuckle boxing matches. Niamh always wanted to grow up to be as tough and hardy as her brothers, but they'd always poke fun at how soft she was and would keep her out of harms way, much to
  2. Loved meeting you guys IG and have only had good experiences since ? You all have the right amount of lighthearted, funny RP and genuinly enigmatic ''There's something else going on here, isn't there?'' vibes. Keep it up! Can't wait to see how you progress yours and others' stories here. Hats off to yous!
  3. ✞ Quiet - Caring - Gentle - Devout - Soft ✞ IC Twitter / Instagram ✞ - ✞ - ✞ ✞ - ✞ - ✞ ✞ - ✞ - ✞ Born to a very young mother who was unable to care for her, Ophelia’s life was stirred up from the beginning. She doesn’t remember much from her childhood, but she was moved from home to home frequently. At age 7, she was placed with an elderly couple - the father of which was a pastor in the local church. She stayed with them for many years and enjoyed growing up with them and helping with the church. When she was 12, both her foster parents fell sick and were una
  4. super sorry to people that I said I'd rp with these past couple days (Mainly for ic appointments with Astrid) I'll be back on the ball soon, just dealing with some stuff! Apologies if this is a bad foot to start on - I won't be so flaky after these next few days! Thank you all for ur patience as always ❤️

    1. Cub


      broken hearted personally

  5. +1! Never got a chance to play on Deer Isle, but everything I've heard from friends has been nothing but positive. I played solely on Livionia for months, and enjoyed it, but it's a cruddy map that no one actually likes. And it's dead. Deer isle time please!!
  6. Another day of stellar rp!! Thanks for strting off the day with a jumpscare ? lotsa of laughs with you guys as always, thank you @Brayces @Azu @Conor @burRP Thank you @groovy toez @ScarlettLR @edgy Lyaria @Watchman ( for ur momral support ) and @Fae (for yelling so we didn't have to) ? For that cool medical/quarentine rp! You all did really well, interested to see where it goes!! @edgy Dingle @eDgY ScOuSe so heartwarming...so touching ? Enjoying this rp a lot ! @Miamomoh @silvermoongaming Really nice to rp with you guys! Excited to progress this and hopefull
  7. Good first day on the job in HARO ?


    1. groovy lamb

      groovy lamb

      DayZRP Season 1 Episode 1: Dr Dior fucking dies


    2. Idle


      Worlds fastest PK

    3. vanon02


      another lore factions gone ?

    4. DrMax


      That's what happens when you don't clean your damn scrubs! 

    5. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna

      haha noob

    6. Cub


      Sorry My Bad GIF by chuber channel

  8. Ran outta beanz already but thank you for the support so far!! Very excited and proud of the group already ? hope to see you all soon! (Not an invitation to get hurt though...)
  9. @DrMax @DrBrain Thanks for starting off my rp today! Nice to get the characters rolling, can't wait for the stories to unfold! @Miamomoh @Watchman @Franny @canadian_boi Thanks for the fun RP as always! I can't wait for Astrid to get to know u guys better and RP more ? @Poster @Angel You guys are such a duo and I had so much fun!! Glad you guys like Astrid and I hope we can RP more soon! @Jackfish 10/10 patient @FireDude Ur patient rp/the rp we had on the way back to Olsha was honestly super immersive and I had a bunch of fun, I love Bishop a lot and hope I see
  10. tumblr_o8int3qSA91vsesneo1_400.gif


    1. Para


      Treasure Planet > Iron Giant

      Though it's a fucking sick movie regardless

    2. Watchman


      Both are the shit tbh


      had a Treasure Planet Avatar before too!

  11. Thank you all so so much ? I was actually rlly nervous to post so the support means a lot!!!
  12. Not 100% happy w/ this but i've been working on it for too long and if I don't post it now then I won't ? But here's a pic of Annika!! slav squat time :3
  13. ✚ Astrid Evelyne Dior always had a passion for learning. She loved school, and did well in most of her classes all the way through her education. Having a natural urge to nurture and protect, her mind was driven towards medicine and eventually her interest was sparked into the psychiatric field. She studied medicine in Sorbonne Universite for 5 years before moving on to psychiatric specialty. While studying, she worked in the Fédération Hospitalière De France, where she met a Russian woman by the name of Marisha. The two soon began dating and would end up happily married just 2 years late
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      You're welcome

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      I hate this fucking dab, but it is funny.

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      Based on you being a bitch asssssssss

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      why are we dabbing in 2020

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      Why are we playing DayZ in 2020 @Cracker

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