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  1. Thank you for the "race" ^^ it was fun and a good break from roleplay
  2. @Tunfisk Yes it was! the bear situation was so awsome
  3. Sign me up on the gang
  4. Yes, that would open for biker gangs rp, and makes for much easier travel
  5. Im really sorry for this man, but you have to understand that i did not want to go to bed we just wanted to grab something to eat but both me and nathan told you we could do that later (see below) 10:54:22 | Chat("Nathan Abadeer"): //i could stay, just wanted to eat 10:54:33 | Chat("Nathan Abadeer"): //i can eat later tho 10:54:41 | Chat("Erik jonson"): // ye ah me too i was really confused on how we would contact neo without breaking the rules (i was thinking his name was cody) since im not having a radio and you took nathans? i was also really confused about the 24h, i did not know if we were talking about real time or game time. you used the name dan from what i heard. also when i logged in after my meal like 1h after the situation i couldent do anything, i shouted for you but you logged off, from what i read in rules im no longer hostage since you logged, i was in that cabin for almost 3h online, that kinda ruined my free off work playday. Dont get me wrong here i would love to see that situation being solved by rp as i was really curious to see what would happen, i really did enjoy your roleplay, and we did talk in discord after about this really complying with rules but never as our characters
  6. Server and location: S2 Livonia Outskirts of Grabin 10841/12549 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): about 12pm Your in game name: Erik johnson Names of allies involved: Nathan Name of suspect/s: dan (cartell) and some friend of his Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no vehicles Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: me and nathan met 2 guys hunting, we say hi to them and told them we were heading to some hunting cabins near were we met, after a while they also come there and we were talking and after a while they pulled their guns and started the hostage situation. they told us we should contact some cody (cartell) and we being kept there for 24h. we logged out and when i logged back in there was a hesco there and i couldent get out. i tried to wait for 2 hours but no one came
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