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  1. I played on the server for 45 minutes maybe and i got kicked for invalid RP name? I used a first and last name which were not trolly or someone famous (as far as I know) What in my characters name caused this, help.
  2. Timo, a 20 year old farmer who grew up in a small village south of Severograd, He always strived to make his father proud but could never quite succeed in doing so. As his older brother and proven himself in the civil war, and was therefor the pride of the family. His upbringing was distant at best and he grew up as a lone wolf, the few friends he had would always try to engage him in activities such as hunting, sports or going into town, but he was always distant or reluctant as he was constantly working on proving his worth to his father. Timo eventually met the love of his life, Lana who would make Timo see that life was not always meant to be taken so seriously, she would make Timo open up to new things and he started to become more comfortable in meeting new people and doing activities. One day his friends never returned from a day out on the town and Timo went searching for them, He was stopped by a military patrol and oredered to turn back. Timo went on to question the patrol but was shut down from further questioning and strictly ordered to return to his home and stay inside. When the outbreak reched Timo's village he and his fioncée were seperated when the village was overrun, Timo barely escaped and as he fled he could hear the screams of his neighbours and family, This incident still haunts him til' this day. He spent months looking, searching for Lana but to no avail. Even to this day Timo still hopes to find out what happened to Lana.. He is not very skilled in combat as he never was the person to start or cause trouble but is skilled enough to deal with minor threats. Timo is a friendly person who will avoid conflict if possible due to his poor skills in combat and would rather prefer a diplomatic solution to settle an argument or dispute
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