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  1. Me and Josh robbed Razor, we had taken his bag, and then he stated that he had friends coming, which what he says in the first description, so we decided to take everything he had to secure our safety. We taken his clothes and dropped in very close to him, and went towards Balota.
  2. To be honost, I don't really remember what happened at the situation, they said they had a POV which they haven't uploaded (The one of the robbery) that would help me refresh my memory a lot of the situation, but I have generally forgotten. But from what i remember, what we did was exchange the clothes, and leave our old clothes next to him, but without a POV of the situation I am really not sure. Sorry
  3. You were asking a question you already know the answer to.
  4. No you can't because the question wasn't directed to you. It was directed to me and currently I'm temp banned so be quiet please.
  5. We took his clothes and left them next to him. We left him restrained with his clothes next to him. We were in chernarus which is a valid place for food and water.
  6. You've got no evidence of that though? Please show us the evidence? Rather than just telling us about different stories at a different event? We saw a wild man; took his shit, he informed us he had friends coming, so we "BETTER RUN"; so we did, we ran! That's the story. Thanks for listening -- Why are you guys on the EU servers rather than the US? -- Just wonderning
  7. Because at the moment you've really supplied inefficient evidence of the matter of the report
  8. This report has gotten a tad out of hand, how about you actually show us some decent POV of the robbery (Which none of you actually have apart from "Razor") I assume anyways, because he was the only one at the robbery. Then we can talk what happened?
  9. "You were never reported for bad rp" S1: BAD HOSTAGE RP- 06/20/2016 00:15 And FYI, you never said anything about shooting me, you just told me to get in the house. I think I've given up really.
  10. We took your clothes because we wanted your clothes, you had better clothes than us, so we had TAKEN it from you. The whole point in a robbery is to steal. The reason we fight back is to make sure we don't get banned for something we didn't do. Someone is just a tad salty because he has only a hat, and 4 friends just around the corner to help him, which you tell from the POV of him crying, and his friends searching for us. The person who shot me had no reason to shoot me, as i had turned around to ask where you wanted me to GO. But no, you shot me, for turning around twice, and both times asking where you want me to go. We got reported for "Bad RP" then we get told we aren't getting reported for "Bad RP" then we get given a POV which shows nothing, no reliable audio, and no reliable Video evidence. The reason I call this a waste of time, is because the gamemasters/admins have bigger cases then some immature salty teenager who is mad about having no clothes, and a group of ravenous friends that end up killing us.
  11. "but now I'm gonna find my group after this and you better start running." If i knew his friends were coming, that is enough safety for him; Why would I leave him a weapon after he threatened me. Absolutely not That POV I'm afraid shows absolutely nothing?
  12. "but now I'm gonna find my group after this and you better start running." You had a group. You told us to leave, and run, at the time you did not care about your clothes. I really don't see why you reported us for leaving your friend naked, it all seems a bit out of proportion really. Seems like you're wasting the admins time with this set report.
  13. "For the second time, you left Blake with nothing but a hat when you robbed him." That isn't against the rules?
  14. S1: BAD HOSTAGE RP- 06/20/2016 00:15 1) "We're not saying your RP was bad" 2) We robbed you What even is this report even about? I'm confused, are you wasting peoples time? You also said you were gonna report us, then joked about it after. 23:52:06 | Chat("BrodyManjaro": //report 4 badrp wick 23:52:09 | Chat("BrodyManjaro": //lol jk ??? ???
  15. I do not have any recordings, but the audio would be nice, because I am 100% positive they did not mention anything about strikes. If so I would have heard them tell me to not turn around.