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  1. Ever since he first saw his dad put on his uniform Ahtamrin knew he wanted to be a Texas ranger. He worked and committed all his devotion to becoming one. Being on the force he met a lot of interesting people and did his best to uphold the law. Unfortunately his anger would get the better of him at times and Ahtamrin would relinquish his rage out on criminals that he felt were deserving of it. With the consistency of these incidents the force decided to relieve him of his duties. With this Ahtamrin set his course to California where he met his friend Ivan. By 2017 though Ivan had left to return home leaving Ahtamrin alone in California. Once the outbreak had occured Ahtamrin decided to travel the world in search of his friend, hoping that he's still alive. He had managed to steal a boat and make his way west of California to Asia. Traveling the outskirts of Asian towns and the wilderness was treacherous but Ahtamrin somehow managed to survive. Eventually arriving at Livonia, he hopes to find his lost friend sooner rather than later, and in a state better than dead as well.
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