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  1. Robert Jones. age: 27 he was brought up on a farm in a small town in new Zealand. with only his farther around. due to his mother passing away when he was young. he grew up hunting with his pa his pa was a very hard man. he would never take no as a answer. his dad was ex military so rob was taught at a young age how to defend himself either to just hurt or kill. his pa also taught rob the ways of the land. understanding nature and how unforgiving it is and how to thrive in the middle of nowhere. Roberts farther would often take him out into the wild and leave him there and would come get him in a week. and rob would thrive he would often ask to stay away for longer when his farther would come back to pick him up.... Thats where his passion to explore was born.. by the time he was old enough he began traveling. he would move country to country earning money where he could. learning trades.. enjoying life with no purpose . he found his way to Chernarus/livonia and instantly fell in love with the beauty of it. and for the first time in a while he felt he found a place he could spend the rest of his life. he spent many years as a trapper/hunter in chernarus/livonia and he was making a good living from it. while there he met a lovely lady by the name of Nina. Nina and rob became very close they ended up getting married at the age of 22. they were truly in love♥. they were married for over a year. until one spring chernarus/livonia morning Nina decided to drive into town to sell the pelts rob had trapped the other day. on that day she died in a head on crash. This day absolutely destroyed Robert he went down a very dark path in life .. he did nothing but stay at home and drink and smoke his life away alone.. for years rob knew he had to be the man she fell in love with in the first place. and now knowing how his farther felt after losing his wife and how he became the farther he was. Robert grew stronger every day and became the man he was always destined to be.... and he holds his wife very close to his heart. and thrives every day to be the husband he was shaped into..... even with Roberts tragic past he remains living his life to the absolute fullest. like enjoying little things in life, meeting new people, learning different ways of life and understanding nature. rob is a very friendly person who is always ready to meet new people and help them. or even work for them. rob comes across as a really friendly chap. but like every person he has a snapping point. and the knowledge to end someone or somethings life in a moment and the dark past to fuel it. but wishes he will never have to do so. i would like robs goal in dayZRP would to be known as someone that other characters could come to for help with anything ..... it could be as simple as helping them farm or to help them gather food..... but rob is the type of man to do anything for the right price ...............
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