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  1. Me and one of my good friends decided to head to the "North Airfield" above "Radacz" or West of "Gliniska" in search of better supplies for ourselves and our base. We both went our separate ways to get to the "North Airfield" to check the nearby towns such as "Olszanka" and "Adamów" for supplies as well. After forty-five minutes of traveling and searching of the towns we met up at the "North Airfield" to then hear gunshots coming from a variety of different directions. I assume these gunshots were from Chuck Baldwin @Dew and Kaine Kones @Apollo. These shots caused hordes of zombies to head right in my direction. I ran through most of them trying to find high ground or a safe building to hide in knowing that I couldn't survive this alone. I had waited there in safety for around five to ten minutes listening to the endless growling of the undead and mass shooting. I did not know if these people would be friendly or take my poor positioning as an advantage to rob me or take me as hostage. I decided that I needed to make a move. I opened the door and ran as fast as I could to the next building over to get a closer position to my friend for backup on the undead and nearby players. It was at this moment that I could tell I was receiving poor latency/connection to the server for some unknown reason when I couldn't open and close the doors in front and behind me properly. I was then trapped in a room with an uncountable amount of undead starting to eat me alive as my game began acting up. My friend then immediately ran to my position hearing the zombies and tried to save me but it was to late, I had been nocked unconscious and killed. I respawned back into the game and managed to be at "Brena". I figured this would give me enough time to loot the town a bit and head back as my role play character (Thomas Steele) to pretend to come across an unknown dead body. I did not realize that the time in which it took me to get back to the "North Airfield" near my body was around forty-five minutes and not a full hour. I was pretty annoyed that I had died to an unknown latency/connection problem and wanted to role play as (Thomas Steele) again to retrieve any supplies I could off my previous dead self in secret without disturbing other player's role play experience. I showed up once again at the "North Airfield" to then hear voices coming from where I had died. This is where I met Chuck Baldwin and Kaine Kones. One of them said, I quote, "Get the f**k out of here.". Then another said, "Hey, go easy on him, were all friends here." That's when someone named Frank talked out of character and said, "Are you breaking the no life rule?". I immediately ran off knowing that I had messed up by coming back to my previous self a little to early. My friend later told me out of character that he talked to them and had little interaction with them before they left the area without reason. Anything after this point is completely unknow by me and my friend. I am truly sorry for any rules I may have broken and had no intension of cheating or disrupting the role play system. Thank you. Edit: I have also sent this message once before to have my point of view read over in a considerable amount of time yet I still was put on temporary ban on top of the three day ban, ten warning points, and character reset I think I unnecessarily served already. I wish for this case to be understood and looked more into. Thank you.
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