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  1. I’m a teenage boy who was recently in a car crash with one of my close friends on our way to a party. I wake up to realize that I have been unconscious for a few days and that my friend is nowhere to be seen. I make my way to the closest town from my crash and notice that there are a bunch of undead like creatures lurking around it. I sneak past all the creatures in search of food and water. I then came across some fruit and a water pump only to see my friend's favorite black cowboy hat that he had been wearing to the party left behind. Inside of it was a map with a sketch of his plans for travel on where he would be and how he was going to get there. As I started to head off down the street on my journey in search of my missing friend there came a loud gunshot and I was out like a light. Waking up in a bad place twice almost seemed like dejavu but it was definitely real. I was shot, bleeding, searched, and robbed. I was left with nothing except the clothes on my body and some useless supplies they left behind. I think to myself on how my family and friends are probably dead right now and that there is really no reason to continue living but I push through in hopes that they are all still alive waiting for someone to help them. I will find my family, my lost friend, and seek revenge on the hostile group for what they did to me even if it's the last thing I do. I begin to trudge through the rain looking for shelter not knowing that this would only be the beginning. My name is Thomas and this is where my “DayZ” story begins.
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