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  1. A 25 year old man named Jesse Williams, who was a criminal in the United States. Jesse was an orphan and grew up on the streets. After going down the wrong path at a very young age, he started robbing tourists in his area and stealing locals cars. By the time he turned 17, he was a known hit man and had been trained by an older man who stayed under a bridge near his home. He had robbed, stole, and killed to earn success and much money. After taking a job to kill a local gang member, he realized he bit off a little more than he could chew. After finishing the job, he realizes it was a set up, and that the person he was sent to kill was under surveillance by multiple enforcement agencies. With the fear of prison on his mind, he went to his mentor and asked for advice. The mentor said to go to Livonia or Chernarus, when you can not be indicted and sent back to the states when they finally realize who was the one who killed him. On the run and in a rush, he packed a small bag, left most of his small fortune to his mentor, and caught a cab to the airport. While approaching Livonia, the helicopter was shot down, and Jesse awoke on the land, still trying to create the best new life he can in the new lands. Completely unaware of what hes about to have to go through to survive in these harsh territories...
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