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  1. Yakiv Glonti was born in Georgia to dairy farmers. At the age of eight the family sold everything to begin anew in rural Chernarus, farming hay and maintaining a small dairy. The farming life was dull for young Yakiv. Seeking excitement, a local policeman became his idol, and also took a shine to him. As Yakiv grew up he became more and more determined to become a police officer, and enrolled in training as soon as he came of age. After several decades stationed in Chernogorsk, Yakiv became jaded and cynical. The political and military events leading to infection were what broke him, however. After seeing the carnage that the infected inflicted on innocent people, and the chaos that ensued, the aged Glonti took to sweeping the streets of infected.
  2. A detail I neglected to add, my hands were empty at the time.
  3. Server and location: Chernarus server, SW side military base (Dichina), approximate coordinates 4454 by 8276 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): (UTC): 2020-02-16, 03:10-03:20 Your in game name: Symon Zyma Names of allies involved: n/a Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): n/a Detailed description of the events: I was passing through the military base (Dichina) checking for munitions and gear, which involved shooting infected on the north side with small caliber weapons, came around a wall exiting to the S/SW of the base and had a person in a gas mask pie the corner with weapon ready and open fire on me with an assault rifle. I attempted to make voice contact right as they opened fire, however they killed me within several fired rounds. They did not make voice or text contact with me that I could hear or see. I was not aware of this individual until they pied the corner.
  4. Link to the situation: n/a Any supporting evidence or notes: see attached screenshot Feedback: Was quick with their response to my inquiry, despite heading to bed, helping me with the front loading in getting acclimated to some of the community's in's and out's so I was able to hit the game and discord servers quickly. Thanks a bunch! Suggestions for improvement: n/a
  5. Symon was born in the rural timber country around Lake Beloe, in the northwest of Chernarus. Between an older brother and younger sister, he was the middle child to a lumberjack father and homemaker mother, Symon was largely left to his own devices while growing up, but was required to assist his family. He received a minimal, compulsory academic education, but an extensive practical outdoors education thanks to his rural upbringing, taking to hunting, fishing, and general outdoorsmanship in the transcending beauty of the woods and hills. After the events of the military action and the subsequent infection Symon, now in his late thirties, and not having a stable income or prospects chose to leave the developing chaos of his hometown's attempt to cope with the events, which included flaring tensions among old familial feuds and rising stress of the need for resources, and he chose venture east towards South Zagoria, living off the land and seeking solace in being close with nature.
  6. Mhuur

    Howdy folks

    Hello everyone, I awoke this morning to find my whitelist application was accepted. I'm very excited to get going and get immersed in the community here. I've been role playing for ~20 years, with the occasional dabbling in online role playing. I really enjoy the DayZ setting, but I'm not one for the "vanilla DayZ experience". Unfortunately this week is busy with work, so my time will be limited until the weekend. Hope to see y'all soon, though. Regards, Mhuur/Evan
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