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  1. My Name is Kent Blackgrove, i was born and raised in Germany. The Truth that i found out about this World is to just stay alive and "survive". I got myself a Job in Warehouse Logistics and was doing pretty good, well that is until i got into my Vacation Time. I wanted to visit Chernarus because of the Nature to just get away from all the Stress. Didn´t realise i would be going from one Situation into the next One. Now i´m stuck on this forsaken Island which got run over by the Undead that were once the Citizens of this Land. But if theres one Thing that i didn´t forget is...stay alive and "survive".
  2. @Peril I admit that i was at the Soup Kitchen at the Time it happened but i didn´t realize a Guy messing with the Locks. I realized something was up when everybody was going after this one Guy. We searched for him a little bit but didn´t found any Sign of him. I can´t provide more Information about it.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Don´t have a Link, sorry about that. Why the verdict is not fair: It´s not fair because the Staff just bans immediately instead of talking to the Victim of the Ban first. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was just going to ask Blisna if he was feeling harrassed by this Question (because it is a Meme) but he didn´t respond even after i pinged him with same Question again. So i didn´t write any further. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Getting unbaned from the Discord and don´t be edgy anymore. What could you have done better?: I could have asked further or just deleted it.
  4. I meant it in a different Way @gamingfeva7 you said drop your Armor but then you instantly shot while demanding it. You didn´t try to initiate on me to make me drop my Armor. The only Thing you wanted to see dropping is my dead Body.
  5. @gamingfeva7 You didn´t say anything about that you just want to make yourself look more innocent. And i did not fear you. Fear RP works different here, i don´t have to obey to your every Command if i don´t want to. You can´t force someone to fear you. And i heard every single Word and you didn´t even asked me once to put my Hands up and drop my Gear. Next Time make sure you give your Victim Commands and make sure he/she heard it. You are sinking deeper and deeper into the Hole.
  6. @Voodoo These are pure Lies, he didnt say put your Hands up and drop your Armor, i asked him "Do you need something" and he responded with "Yeah....I need that Armor!" and began shooting at me.
  7. And thats a Reason for a Ban.... Well whatever, @Voodoo i don´t have any Footage i´m sorry. But you can believe me, i was entering the Soup Kitchen injured and with damaged Gear.
  8. So i was going around Sitnik looking for some Stuff to trade with when i heard a Guy walking near me on the Street. We greeted each other and then i asked him if he needs something. He then said "Yeah i need this Armor" and started shooting at me. There was no Initiation or anything, he just tried to spray me down. (The Armor blocked like 7-8 Shots, he missed the Rest). I ran away bandaged and tried to kill him but he was gone. I then made my Way back to Soup Kitchen because i was injured and not in the Condition to take a Fight. What happened afterwards is stated above by Marek Kral. In my Opinion, this was attempted KOS. He didn´t say put your Hands up or anything. No Initiation in any Form. Just KOS in it´s best.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Can´t find it. Why the verdict is not fair: I wasn´t going to offense anyone. If they would have feeled harrassed by this they would have said so. I think that this is overdramatic and yes, i read the rules and know it says that i´m not supposed to harrass anyone. And People are always "harrassing" each other in the Discord and you don´t sue them. So i really think that this Ban was unnecessary and should be lifted. I also deeply apologize if this has offended anybody. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I saw everybody doing similar things like above this thread with Ryan Shepherd. And thought if anybody does that i can do it to. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Getting unbanned from the Discord. What could you have done better?: Following the Rules in a stricter Way.
  10. Well, it has been a Week now since i stranded in Chernarus but i found some Survivors that gave me some Information. Apparently most of the People left Chernarus and travelled over to Livonia so i decided to do the same. I searched the Cargoshipwreck ,with which i came here, for a Boat and actually found one. It was the only one that was in a kinda good Shape. I didn´t left a Note or anything for the others in Berezino, they don´t have to know. Only the fittest survive, they have to care for themselfs but they can do that pretty well i guess. With that said i´m heading out now. See you all in the new Land. Finally arrived in the new Land and after going around some Places, i thought about how much Fun it actually is to slaughter these fucking braindead Bitches. I think from now on i´m gonna enjoy it. After a few Days i already lost my Fear to anything and decided to show my Face to People and start using my real Name. Do you know what the Definition of Insanity is? It´s when you do the same fucking Thing over and over again and expect different Results. Guess we are all mad here. Who ever wrote this is hopefully dead already, i got knocked out by someone when i arrived with my Boat in Livonia. When i woke up again, all my Gear was gone. I heard that there was a mentally ill Patient stationed at the Hospital, it may have been him. Well this Writing is not mine. I think he forgot to take the Journal with him after he wrote his Sickness into it. I will find him.....and i will kill him.
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