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  1. My Name is Kent Blackgrove, I was born in 1999 in Germany and I´m fully German with the Knowledge of English. Since my Birth, i live with a Mutation, Red Eyes. This Mutation doesn´t do any Harm to me but People do get slighty shocked when they see them. Well guess i can´t blame them, seeing someone with a not so normal Eye Color isn´t what People are used to see. I came to Chernarus after taking a Break from my Job. I work in a Mechanic Shop so i got some engineering Skill to speak off. The Reason why i came here is that i heared it´s a great Tourist Attraction and i had alot of Time now due to my Break. I also saw that there are great Hunting Grounds and hiking Tracks. I love dense Forests, they are showing Mother Natures true Beauty. So i set Sail on a Cargoship because i know a Friend that works on One and asked him if he can give me Lift since he´s doing Trips to Chernarus sometimes and he agreed. My Friend asked his Boss and it was no Problem because the Boss is my Friends Dad. When we set Sail i was taking a Nap since we drove through the Night. The only Thing i can remember how i got to Chernarus tho is that i woke up and was going to go up and look at the Sea. But when i got up there everything was covered in a dense Mist, then i heard the Ship cracking and, while trying to run inside, i slammed my Head on something and passed out. Now i´m trying to stay alive by any Means. Society is not gone....it´s out there somewhere......
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