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  1. Chris Jones was a family man, who owned a successful car dealership. He was a staple in his previous community and always was known as a leader. Chris was at a conference in Moscow when the world begun falling apart, and was never able to get back to the United States. Frantically communicating with his family back in the US, he was helpless and unable to assist his family as the world came crashing down. Now alone in the world, surrounded by strangers, and trying to survive, Chris was able to get to Chernarus along with a few hundred others via NATO transport. Chris hopes to help a small community rebuild and survive in this new world where prosperity is a thing of the past, where nothing is guaranteed. His skills used to be worth a lot more, but he hopes that his leadership qualities will help any group to survive and he hopes that someday he can own a small business again. Maybe, just maybe, he will be able to find a working car and potentially even restore and sell cars to others in his new home.
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