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  1. "Diary of Ivan 3 weeks after outbreak hello my name is Ivan Kuzmich i am a former gunner from the Vybor AFB i was there on the day of the invasion by infected, i narrowly escaped with my life after fighting off hordes of undead only to realize that our fighting was useless and that the base was lost. i have since relocated to Berezino in hopes that i could be safe and live out my last days in peace, i am not giving up but i do accept my fate there is no escape to this "disease" the faster people understand that the better life will be. 7 weeks after outbreak I have been growing lonesome i would like to find someone to spend time with who isnt infected and understands the importance of normal human interaction I am starting to go stir crazy, maybe i will go out and explore the surrounding areas and look for any survivors. 12 weeks after outbreak I have made it to Tulga there seem to be less infected as time goes by the country is in dismay and any survivors are fighting to stay alive. i have met a few others and we have decided to hold up for a few days here, i will be leaving in the morning to continue my journey and search for any others, im starting to like it like this its quiet noone is in a hurry to do anything its peaceful.
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