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  1. Im looking so much forward to try it out.. I botched one of the questions so I have to wait a bit to reapply. But its all good bc it gives me more time to think about my character.. I have alot of pen & paper RPG experience and look forward to roleplay with all of ya.. I hope my first day will be as good as yours:)
  2. "Why me!?!". The sound of footsteps are closing up from behind and.....
  3. Nice tips! Thx alot.. just waiting for my download to finish so I can find my PID and GUID and submit my application.. I carefully read through all the rules and i'm really excited to see if i get the passphrase correct:)
  4. Hey there.. I would like to know if any large worldwide religius organizations still exist after the infection.. and if any, wich ones..