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  1. Johnnie Walker, a successful businessman who was on a flight from Tokyo to Russia for a business proposal for his company. Unfortunately the flight crashed due to an engine failure when flying from Tokyo, to Western Russia, crash landing in the mountains of Chernarus on July 11th, 2017. The last thing he saw before the crash was a sample report for projected analytics with the name "John Doe" anchored in the top right corner, which Johnnie has adopted since the crash due to memory loss. Wandering aimlessly into the foothills he heard the call of a bull moose, to which he followed across 3 mounds only to spot the beast. With nothing but his fists and a stomach full of nothing but a craving for food, he rushed the beast scaring it away. He looked down from atop the foothill to see a cabin alongside a trail. Curious and hungry he stumbled down to the cabin to find it empty and abandoned with nothing but a can of pears. Two years pass and Johnnie knows there is something missing. He can feel it, the life he is living, the name he is using are not his own. His primary goal is to find something, or someone who can tell him who he really is.
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