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  1. Alexej "Garry" Kerilov, Radio operator at NW airfield where he started working at the time he served in the Chernarus army. He joined the military forces alongside his older brother Vasya, with whom he grew up on the countryside in a small village named Pusta. As he studied electrical engineering in Elektrozavodsk at that time, he was assigned to radiocommunication section, Vasya being a farmer became a regular soldier. Alexej was one of the first to recieve the news about the infection as he received messages from checkpoints, which were spreaded all over Chernarus. Two weeks after the sightings of the first infected person, NW airfield was attacked by the group of raiders, who wanted to arm themselves and steal supplies. During the attack, Vasya got shot, but Alexej managed to find fim and they escaped into the woods. It was night, Vasya was bleeding and they needed to find some place to hide. When they were approaching Ratnoe, they heard something groaning very close to them. Suddenly someone grabbed Alexej by the shoulder with a great force and he tumbled on the ground. It was a man with pale skin and bloody clothes with a smell of rotten flesh, of course he was infected and was trying to bite Alexej. Vasya with his remaining strength pulled a makarov from the holster and shot the zombie in the head, saving his brother. The gunshot was very loud and it resulted in alarming other zombies, which were now closing in on their position. Vasya told Alexej that he has to run away without him, as he would only slow him down. He gave him his pistol and with tears in the eyes, they parted their ways. Alexej was running deeper into the forest again without looking back. The last thing he heard was his brother shouting to attract remaining zombies, giving him time to escape. Now without any help, supplies and only few bullets left, he has only two options, to die like others, or to come up with a plan to survive.
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