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  1. A former Corporal in the US Army, who was tasked to go to the Chernarus following the outbreak. Their mission was to on the 17th of July to deploy to Chernarus one of the two hundred UN Peacekeepers also accompanied by the three hundred Doctors & Researchers, to then assemble and have a fully operational research centre at Miroslavl. Once set up, I was tasked to go to assist at checkpoints surrounding Chernogorsk. On the 19th, intelligence informed us that there were large waves of infected headed towards ourselves, we checked the security of the surrounding areas and ensured all weapon systems were prepped, also all magazines were fully loaded and accounted for. Following the brutal riots, we were forced to retreat out of the city, I like many of the soldiers got separated from man troop formations, as I escaped the city it was a slaughter of civilians and infected, whilst still watching civilians loot local stores fighting for the last of the supplies. After the separation, I realised I was alone, now I had to try my best to survive and find my fellow troops. (if they were still alive). As I finally got out of the city centre, I attempted to radio my troop, all I got back was the quiet buzz from the radio handset, and a very quiet, “this is Lee James, is anyone there?!”. I could not reply as the PTT was broken and would not transmit, I could only receive quiet messages, which were hard to hear. I then received another messaged saying “livon”. Unsure what this was, a day later I find a map of a place called Livonia, my guess was he is there! I decided to hide in an old farm house on the outskirts of the city over night, waiting to see if I can see or hear any allies in the vicinity. Now my mission is to find Lee James. I headed over the border to see if he was there. As I was laying down attempting to get my head down, I overheard a plane flying low, I expected this was a low altitude drop, and i went to see where it was going to drop the supplies so I can rendezvous with my allies, (if they seen it). As I watched the plane fly lower and lower, then crashing into what looked like a hotel or a high-rise building, the city lit up with burning flames. I found myself watching over the city as it was burning away, then i decided to head North to see if I can find any allies. “If I don’t find them, I may die”.
  2. Cheers all, Just looked at my downloads and realised that the dlc content wasn't downloaded...One of those moments.
  3. First time trying to join the server and says the server is running downloadable content that is not owned? Or am I missing a mod?
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