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  1. A 30 year old guy from west of Europe named Jim Becker. For being a self-employed tax advisor he is really into numbers. To give his lonely life, no wife, kids or any important relatives, kind of a sense he uses his leisure time and hard owned money to travel the world. He always was interested to see all kind of places so he was visiting Livonia to see the wildlife and the colorful nature. Interested in all kind of foreign manners and language he is always looking to keep close contact to locals. While traveling through Livonia he suddenly started to recognize something was going on. By visiting a small town locals told him about the outbreak and the danger of the infected people. While starting to realize there is no easy way to get out of his miserable situation he tries to visit different cities and towns to find other people who kind of stranded in this foreign country. Maybe to find a way out or just to build up something new and stand together against the infected. While roaming the land he kind of remembers of some tips he took along from documentations about survival in the wild... We'll soon see if he remembered the right things...
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