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  1. I, Steve William used a doctor in the city of Dallas when I decided to leave my job and travel. When I was in Chernarus I decided to take on big game hunting. I then moved up there for good. I learned how to live off of the land, and decided to move to a even more remote location. While I was there I realized things were getting weird back in civilization. I stayed out in my shack for another two months then I made the decision to travel back to my hometown. When I got to the nearest city from my shack I saw on the news that many places where blocked off, and my hometown was on the list. So since I could not go back I decided. I partnered up with the local Hospital and assigned me to go out and help others. While I was out there I notice the situation started to get worse by the day. I then decided to go beck to my shack and do what I do and survive off of the land. My first real encoounter with the infected was while out hunting and it ran up on me from behind and I then realized that the situation has gotten a lot worse from when I last saw. And here I am now
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