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  1. Hiram Jacobs is well know in Altis for helping the elderly and always helping the people that couldn't help themselves. After the war Hiram signed up to IDAP to remake altis back to its former glory by getting rid of mine infested towns helping the injured helping anyway he can even when he came home from work tired he would always help his expecting wife no matter how tired he was he would get it done plus he didn't want to feel the wraith of a 8 month pregnant woman who does right? One day Hiram went out on a patrol with IDAP to clear out a mine filed at Athira he manged to clear a safe path marked with chalk so a van with supplies can get in to Athira to see if anyone needed help he looked back while wiping the sweat of his brow he sees one oh his work colleague in line walking towards a mine Hiram was running with his E.O.D gear he was shouting his colleagues name he couldn't hear Hiram because he was listening to music, soon as Hiram manege to get within 5 meters it was to late his colleagues had step on the mine and died in the process luckily for Hiram he pushed back by the force of the mine hitting into a wall and falling unconscious. When he awoke in hospital in Kavala his wife was beside him he awoke after 1 month of being in coma he had traumatic head injuries and sadly missed the birth of his son it took time for Hiram to heal once he was cleared from the hospital, his wife noticed over 2 years since the accident that his work that Hiram was doing to him was catching up to him they talked and debated and she didn't want see a tombstone with his name on so as a family they decided to go travelling around the world unknowing what was headed for them was their first and only destination... when they arrived they had landed in balota airport and headed to the lodge they was staying in, One day Hiram went out with his wife and 2 year old son Hiram was holding his sons hand while walking through the woods with his wife a few meters behind him then suddenly a what they believed to be a crazed man jump out and grabbed his wife and bit her on the forearm Hiram let go of his sons hand and dashed towards his wife along the way he picked up a branch and smacked the guy over the head causing him to fall down a hill and vanished into the bushes Hiram called for his son to come back they rushed back to the lodge to find the medical box to clean the wound. As night fall fell his wife's condition worsened he had to fetch help he new something wasn't right he said to his son to stay put and look after his mother who was severely ill Hiram kissed them both on the forehead and left the lodge he was running through the woods he seemed like these woods where ever lasting he saw a military helicopter flew over he followed the helicopter as if it was guiding beacon of hope little did he know it was the beacon of death and destruction Hiram came to a clearing and it overlooked a town and saw a mas horde of people running in chaos there was flames smoke gunshots all coming from within the town he saw the helicopter land and unload military personnel he saw they same thing again a horde of what he believed where people where running towards the military all covered in blood screaming and making all sort of noises he realises that they wasn't people they where zombies the military was overrun the pilots tried to take off but fail and crashed kill most of the zombies Hiram ran over to see if anyone was alive in the process of running over to the crashed heli he picked up a pistol that had been dropped by on of the fallen solders he pointed the gun towards the side of heli in the smoke he saw a medical box he went to go grab it but then he saw a zombie burned and still on fire walking towards him he pointed his gun to the head of the zombie and shot the zombie in the head and ran towards the medical. Box once he had received the box he ran back to the lodge little did he know everything he loved in the lodge would haunt him for the rest of his life he rushed the door open and ran into the bedroom and saw his son and wife gone his eyes stated to build up with water thinking the worse he new nothing had got in because there was no signs of a struggle getting in then he realised that that man that bit his wife wasnt a man it was a zombie Hiram was filled with anxiety he looked under the bed in the bathroom then he heard noises coming from the kitchen he was shaking with every negative emotion there saw his dead son being eaten by his wife Hiram tried to speak he stutters while aming the pistol at his lover head she noticed him and got up and tried to attack him he pulled the trigger and killed his one and only he shot his son in the head he didnt want his son to become one of those things he sat on the floor in a pool off his own family's blood crying for forgiveness once Hiram had the strength to pull himself back together he buried his wife and son and carved into a plank of wood as the tombstone we'll be together soon my love with the initials H.J
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