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  1. My name is Hunter, I grew up in an orphanage in the states and because of that I never had a last name given to me. I took my fathers last name Magnusson, however people near me began to call me Rez and it stuck,now that is what I go by. My entire life until this point was moving from home to home, place to place. Never really knowing where I belonged. I was told that my father was Icelandic, but I was born as a bastard. My mother was a tourist traveling all over, in Iceland fell for someone that was already married. That would be my father. I never found out much about him, but I got the name Magnús. I had learned that he was killed in a gang related accident. However, I did learn that I have two half brothers Halldor, and Ragnar. Shortly after my mother was conceived with me, she moved back to the states and left me there once I was born. I never learned about her, not even her name. I've recently turned 18, I made money and took opportunities where I could. I made my mind up to find the family I've never had with my half brothers. throughout my life I've had a few points of contact with my half brothers through a phone. Not long after I start making my way to the Eastern coast, the outbreak happens. I settled with some survivors that were also trying to make it to the coast when I get a call from a familiar number, it's Halldor. He contacted me in a place called Chernarus. So, me and the other survivors make our way there. They went because they agreed that since Chernarus is more isolated, it might hold a better chance for survivors like us. We traveled by boat and plane, hopping from country to country. We set off from the states, from there crossing the Atlantic to Spain, from there we made our way and stopped for more supplies at Italy, after that we made our way to Istanbul and crossed turkey to find a boat to take to Chernarus. However by the time we reached the shores of Chernarus, all supplies were gone and I was the sole survivor. Now the real journey begins to find survivors and my brothers.
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