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  1. A young man named Dexter, a survivor of course. A man struggling to make it day to day, and to find a place to call home in the treacherous and mentally depleting region of Chernarus. As a youngster he used to live in the northern parts of the U.S state Colorado and was always interested in new inventions and contagions. So when he reached the age of 24 he was offered a position a an internship to be a researcher. As time went on he was eventually promoted to Junior researcher. He was offered and accepted a U.N expedition to Chernarus to aid Chernarus in it's struggle with the infection, but tragedy struck on July 19th when he was on a sample collection mission where a small group of infected overran the group of researchers, including Dexter, He manged to escape and go into hiding, and wait until things died down after all the recent bombings that occurred upon Chernarus. Once out of hiding his main goal is to either reunite with the remnants of the research team or try to survive until some come for his rescue.
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