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  1. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need a GUID reset plz /Caesar Done
  2. Requesting Character data

    iv tried logging to both servers, neither worked, ill try what drogur said
  3. Requesting Character data

    When i try to join the server it gets stuck on the Requesting Character data screen, i have let it sit for like 20 minutes with no result. Someone plz help.
  4. Player skin

    Is there a way to select what player skin u spawn in as? i know u can select a gas mask or helmet etc... but im role playing as an ex soldier, so i think i should be in military fatigues, but if i do it randomly selects a skin for me, most of the time its just some crappy civ skin
  5. Hello everyone

    I was just white listed on the dayz mod rp, be looking for Dimitri Brovosky, he has quite the story to tell, and either peace or chaos will travel in his wake, hope to see yall on the server!
  6. Police force

    I understand That groups can basically create themselves, but i do think it would be cool if there was one large police force. Hear me out. Like a police force that has extra abilities. Someone that everyone could either love, or hate, depending on the rp situation.