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  1. becket92

    DayZRP Standalone Whitelist

    I knew all of that.. Please understand my disappointment, I have played on RP server a few times and I have met some nice people there. It was the only server where it happend to me. I also think they should not force the whitelist into game until it's not completely functional... Srry
  2. becket92

    DayZRP Standalone Whitelist

    They are not discriminating, it is not upto the DayZRP staff whether there are admin tools and such on SA. Rolle tried to put a whitelist onto to SA for the benefit of the community but unfortunately it has been taken down now (I think) as it is agaisnt the terms of service for owning a server. Also if you are talking about the donate only whitelist application system they currently have, its because they have gotten so many applications that they only want to look at the ones of those who are serious about joining RP and the ones that have the biggest desire join. Do not blame this community for not being able to change standalone, have a problem, talk to Rocket, not DayZRP staff. I'm serious about joining RP. That's why didn't have any problem with donating and I sent them my money. But now I'm disappointed because I can't fill PID so I can't do my application.
  3. becket92

    DayZRP Standalone Whitelist

    The PID is for the mod, not SA. To whitelist for SA you use your GUID, however you need to whitelist for the mod first I believe. I don't want to install mod... That's stupid and they should change it... They are discriminating SA players
  4. becket92

    DayZRP Standalone Whitelist

    I donated but I can't do my application because there is no PID in SA ... How do I do that?