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  1. Dozer Johnson was born in 1995 in Australia. He had a rough start to life, he has severe heart issues. He dies two times in Hospital over 2 weeks. He is home with his family within six weeks of being born. After a few years he is as quiet, Sam and Dozer met at primary school while in a Science class. After a few years they became best friends and started hanging out at Sams house. Sam introduces Dozer to Adam Zac and allen. One day the boys got into Sam's dads gunlocker and took a .22 and a 308 hunting rifle. They proceeded to go on an adventure west of the Evisons house. The boys took Dozer to teach him how to use a gun. Dozer Eventually got his first hunt he killed a hopeless little rabbit. Dozer at the age of 18 joined the ASIS and became an Intelligence officer he was deployed to the Middle east. While in the middle east he was taken hostage by a terrorist group. He was waterboarded and was electrocuted with a car battery and jumper leads and he was released from the group because of a prisoner exchange. This scared him for life making him who he is today. In late 2017 After a well earned 10 month leave from the ASIS Dozer has a little holiday with Sam and Allen on an adventure to Chernarus they arrive at Sams escape resort they went hunting regularly for deer and boars, The boys enjoyed hunting in the north-east section of Chernarus this is where the boys experienced the now well known infection. After a year or so the boys plan to move out of sams resort as there were a few hordes of Z’s moving East from the resort. They planned this move for a few weeks so on plan day they took there Sedan south towards Komarovo to try and find some kind of help, when they eventually got to Komarovo they found multiple dead survivors that looked to be in dark blue prisoner suits and in a single line formation all dead a single shot to each in top of the skull, the boys left the town and headed east towards Bolota the boys all laughed in joy when they spotted a small boat on the coast of bolota they all rushed over to it figuring out what it needs after about 5 minutes of inspecting the boat they figured it only needed fuel and oil and a new engine after a driving through a few towns they found an industrial area in Zelenogorsk after about an hour of looting they found the things they had needed to boys were getting anxious about the boat ride and leaving Chernaraus behind, after getting the items they need they got back into there seden to head back to bolota docks after what felt about 2 hours of driving they arrived at the boat but to find a a 2 man group of guys after thinking of what to do the boys decided that Sam should get up on the hill to overwatch the situation with his 408 sniper rifle, Dozer and Allen got a callout on there radio that Sam was in a suitable position to overwatch the boys as they approach this unknown group as Dozer and Allen approach they get spotted as soon as that happens the other group immediately pulled their weapons out it and aimed them at the boys as this point Sam seen this as an immediate threat to Dozers and Allens life so he takes a the shot immediately killing one of the groups members and after boltin another round firing at the other other as a warning shot the man immediately puts his weapon away and placing his hands above his head after just a bit of talking with the man they take his weapon and tell him to run north and he does after about 30 minutes the boys have the boat repaired and ready to go the boys start it up and head west after about 30 minutes the boys see a little river coming of the ocean the boys head up it for about 5 minutes to find a little town they look around the town to find more food and water and fuel to make it further up river or even towards home but after about 15 minutes of looting the boys hear a engine start up the boys rush to there boat but couldn't get there in time to try and get it back they are now stuck in an unknown town or country after a few weeks they find a survivor they find in a little shed surrounded by Z’s the boys take the zombies out and talk to him and thats when they find out they are in Livonia
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