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  1. Jimmy lan was born in 1990 to a family in In South Zagoria as an assistant at his father's store helping his father sell and barter his dad's goods. He enjoyed his share of hunting and his dad showed him how to skin and hunt an animal. At a young age he became skilled with the mosin-nagant. As he aged he got a basec education and learned how to read, write, count and his dad's traite of bartering. At the age of 10 he learned of the Horrors of the rule of russia. After his father died he took up his father's work and managed the store with his aging mother. Barely scraping by after his father's death. At the age of 17 he heard some men talking in the store about some men that are starting to fight against Russia and they talk about how the men preach freedom and a true democracy. Jimmy Lan has heard of such men and does agree with their actions. But he is unsure if they are a force that can stop the rushan manpower. But by 2007 He joined the NAPA as a sniper with some close friends. After the war he went back to his home in South Zagoria and learned his mom had died to a mortar hitting the store killing 5 people including his mother. As there was no one to identify her he did not get the message and he buried her under their favorite birch tree. As the years went on he had sold his land and his house. He left South Zagoria and went to Chernogorsk and by buying a boat and fished for a living as he and his father loved to fish at the river next to their rural house. As he got older he married a woman named Maria and found she was infertile so they had no children of their own. After learning about the political scene in his home province he was worried that the war that took so much from him and the Chernarus people would be for nothing and his mother's death and deaths from friend that he served with would crumble under civil unrest. After the South Zagoria base controversy he and his wife were scared that another war was about to happen and started preparing to leave the country on the boat he had and flee to turkey. So Jimmy and Maria were prepared to leave at any time to avoid the war coming to them but he heard rumors of strange attacks from his home province and exhumed it to be some new type of chemical warfare and he was on high alert to see if this was a skirmish or an all out war. Jimmy soon realized that the war was the least of his problems learning of the virus and fleeing on his small Ketch with his wife and some friends. As the conditions were not grate they we're moving very slowly and then one of the passengers tried to attack jimmy wile he was sailing the Ketch and the passenger was put in a room where she was put in side but her husband said this was an act of stress and tried to free his wife as he did this she ran at him killing and infecting him as jimmy and his wife tried to kill the other infected passengers they had jimmy and his wife 10 to 2 so they got on the small life boat and tried to get to land as they were in the green see they had to hit land eventually and after a week of the roing a circle and the small boat not being fast they drifted for at least 5 days after running out of food a storm came and capsized the boat. He grabbed a hold of their empty cooler and held on for his life. After waking up on a sandy shore he saw the storm had pushed him to chernarus. He lay grieving for the loss of his wife and how he could have done more. Then he saw a man in the distance on a road. He grabbed a rock and walked towards the man as he shouted at the man to ask him where he was. He slowed down no more than 7 yard away and he looked at the man and realized something was off but he didn't know what it was. He realized it was how the man was walking it seemed like he was limping and the smell of death reeks on the man to and he approached the man then the man seemed to notice Jimmy. So the man lunged at him jimmy moved out of the way and realizing the man was infected with the same virus that was on the boat. So he killed the man by bashing his skull in with a rock. So Jimmy set out to find his wife or some memory of her and to find other life different from this abomination and to live as long as he can to find his wife or some remainder of her. So he walked and survived until he found a boat and he did upriver to a land called Livonia.
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