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  1. Tony Rigatoni is a 26 year old guy from Westminster, Texas to a middle class family. In his early life he was a troubled child stealing from stores and getting into fights with kids from school. After some time his dad sent him off to a military school. During his school years he came in contact with Kyle Carter, a soon to be a long time friend. Once out of his military school Tony decided to join the marines Tony showed great skill with the M110 and was selected to join the Marsoc Marine Raiders as a sniper. After a tour in the middle east he was instructed to go to Chernarus with the CDC to stop the spread of a new strain of flu and to help the Chernarus government deal with the mass hysteria surrounding it. After some time Tony And his squad mates were classified as possible careers of the flu as some squad mates were showing symptoms and were denied entry back to the states. So Tony and Kyle decided to desert the marines and find a why back to the states or to find a life in the execution zone.
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