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  1. I feel ya, man. The Standalone is frustratingly slow in development and almost unbearably glitchy. I find myself more afraid of dying to a random bug than actual players or zombies. The DayzSA forums have definitely spoken their minds regarding the terrible gameplay mistakes and such. My advice: Stick to the mod, enjoy some awesome interaction, and pray that H1Z1 is so outstanding that it puts the SA developers to shame because as it stands, they've robbed us all.
  2. ChairSmiles

    Is it just me? nigth all the time!

    Yeah, the SA server is almost always nighttime and it becomes pretty much unplayable (unless you're one of the 3 guys online server hopping for gear).
  3. Okay guys, while one can understand why hardcore mode is useful on the DayzRP Standalone server, it is also very easy to conclude that the positive aspects are dramatically outweighed by the negative. Of course, hardcore mode drives away all the pesky non-roleplayers, who join simply to loot without fearing getting shot on sight, and it obviously does help with the immersion and realism aspects of the game, but the simple fact that nighttime is virtually unplayable (as shown by the fact that there is never more than 4 players online when its dark, who are probably server hoppers anyway) and that, due to unsatisfactory game developing, zombies spot you from over 200 meters away, through buildings, while you are crouched, only to sneak up on you and be immune to virtually all melee combat makes hardcore mode much less enjoyable than regular mode. In my opinion, the SA server should be changed back to regular mode, at least until Dayz Standalone becomes a bit better. Let me know what you guys think. Also, remember that I understand the reasons for hardcore mode, I simply believe that the experience is less enjoyable on hardcore than on regular.
  4. ChairSmiles

    DayZRP Standalone Whitelist

    Awesome man! Been waiting for a long time for this and I'm glad it's making its first steps. See you all out there! Exactly what I had said.... And then The wolves came in and just started with all the "WHAT ABOUT THE LOOT ECONOMY?!?!" If people whitelist and the "IT'S JUST AN ALPHA,BRO". I'm fairly sure that the people that would play DayZRP wouldn't care about using the RP whitelisted server to gear up for use on public servers. If anything, it would be the opposite way around with RP players gearing on public and then switching to the whitelist RP server. I agree with Ryven. People would rather gear up out of the RP server and join it with their intended character aesthetically completed.