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  1. Server performance has felt, in general, about the same, with the exception of a great many crashes that seem to be related to the new patch (specifically the new vehicle) rather than the removal of the mods. I have noticed less loading lag in popular hubs (Berezino, Zeleno) but I suspect that has to do with a lack of storage in general as players haven't had the time to replace their storage from mods with base-game items such as tents and barrels - given more time, I suspect the storage will return, and the lag will return with it, especially since I've seen quite a few base game wooden crates scattered around already. I do feel that roleplay has been impacted, however, by the sudden lack of variety of items available, especially the amount of civilian clothing and weapons that were removed. In addition, the variety of props and containers that came from the mods, such as the refrigerators and animal pens, were really contributing to areas feeling like houses and settlements that were lived in, rather than just "bases" filled with barrels for storage. I understand there's a need for balance between offering players options to roleplay with and keeping the server running smoothly.
  2. Since you can purchase the other tent types from the Civilian Trader, I think it would be nice if you could spend your rubles on the Canopy Tents as well. It would be great if all the colors were available, since they're often used outside of player run establishments to grab customers' eyes. I noticed that the Civilian Trader offers a variety of knives, but no sheath to store one in (they do offer a belt that would hang a sheath off it nicely, though). Would adding the sheath to the Civilian Trader make a good addition to their stock? Or, if it's more military-themed like the holsters, perhaps adding to one or both of the military Traders?
  3. I have gotten nothing but absolutely fantastic roleplay out of this group, even with the very diverse list of roles on the roster. Everything from the big, intense scenes with upwards of a dozen people running about when the city was under attack and the injured were in need of medical attention to the slow times when there were troops or police officers just patrolling around the area and interacting with civilians.
  4. I was just updating my mods to match the list in the post and noticed at the DayZRP Mod is now saying that it requires two dependency mods which aren't listed. Is this a bug, or do we need the dependency mods as well even though they're not on the list?
  5. I think the rules needs to more clearly define hostilities in this instance. Showing up and dropping a mass initiation and turning an event into a bloodbath is, in almost every instance, going to interrupt the event in a non-constructive way and should clearly fall under hostilities. On the other hand I believe that players should be allowed to interact in ways that might be considerd an interruption or disruption, so long as those actions directly tie into the event and further the roleplay and the event itself for those involved. I'll use an example from earlier in the lore: a protest was held outside of the RAC compound in Berezino, and there were a small set of designated protestors in the beginning, and a handful of CLF infiltrating the crowd for their own means, and of course the RAC soldiers inside of the building. However, other players were openly encouraged to join in on either side of the protests (with the potential for said protests to turn into a full-blown riot), and players did in fact show up to hurl insults, emote having protest signs made, and eventually gunshots did ring out, but it happened in a such a way that felt like a realistic and logical part of the event. While I do believe some events should have full protection from all form of hostilities to encourage participation, I believe other events would be more enjoyable and provide better roleplay with scaled-back limitations on what is prohibited. Edit: Fixed a spelling mistake that was sort of important for clarity.
  6. I like the idea of drugs having a meaningful value, given that alcohol already does, but it looks like the mod is still a work in progress. Once some of the planned features are implemented I think this would be really interesting to add to the server.
  7. I'm all for adding more civilian options and vehicles, but it looks like this mod needs a little more polish before it's ready. Once they get the major issues fixed (like the lack of fuel usage) I think it might make a good addition.
  8. K2U

    DayZRP 20.11.2

    Since you were able to limit the categories for a container from the MuchStuffPack, is it possible to make other containers from MuchStuffPack also have different categories? I absolutely love the many styles of fridges but can't figure out why some will hold only drink items, and others will hold only food items when both food and drinks seem like logical choices for any sort of refrigerator to store. If it would be possible to make all the refrigerators hold both food and drink, that would be fantastic. (I know it's a stretch, but what about blood bags? Those really should be refrigerated for proper, safe storage.)
  9. I can totally get behind this. It makes sense that people would have had money in their pockets as they got sick, and certainly wouldn't have had the ability to spend it toward the end. Just to keep things balanced I think it should be kept to smaller bills, so no one starts mass-murdering sick people to steal their hundreds or whatnot.
  10. I don't like the idea of a reward that, once taken from the ATM, could be stolen by another player, lost to a death, a game glitch, a server roll-back, etc. Store credit seems much safer and more secure than rubles. I think throwing rubles in on top of the store credit might be over kill, unless it's a very small amount per hour, so my vote is to keep things as they are for now.
  11. The system looks very interesting, and I hope it will help motivate people to hop on the server and stick around for a while! My only worry is that by using zombies killed as the multiplier, and having the multiplier use values up to 500 kills per 24 hours, it might encourage people to spend large amounts of time killing infected instead of engaging with other players. It looks like Deebs took out 39 infected in just about five hours of intense RP (we were on the road, getting to patients that needed help, moving from the clinic to the hospital in another city, then a long run along the coast, then having to track down a missing person - a lot of fantastic RP, involving a bunch of folks!) but to hit the top tier multiplier you'd have to clear out about 20 infected an hour, or about one every 3 minutes, for 24 hours straight (or, of course, round them up in large groups and run them over with a car or something). If nothing else, it might lead to some very interesting "clearing out the cities for winter" and "combating the hoards" type of roleplay, causing characters to band together to try and get the roaming masses of infect under control - hopefully after trying very, very hard to remain desensitized to the unpleasant truth that these are just sick people, after all.
  12. I really enjoy the boats but find them on land/bugged out far more often than I find them on the water and useable. For the longest time I just assumed that people had most of the functional ones hidden somewhere out in deep water that I couldn't see from shore, and because I can't clearly see where debug is while cruising around out there, I'm always nervous about taking a boat too far from the coast. A slightly braver friend was willing to take a chopper out over the water about a week ago and did a pretty good search of the ocean and only spotted three working black boats, and two small orange ones. Are there only supposed to be a few on the map, or are the beached/bugged ones throwing off the count? I feel like being as rare as they are, and with so much coastline to work with, it's just faster/easier for most people to swim out to the island rather than spend however long looking for a boat and then hoping the parts are in it, let alone lugging around 40 pounds of battery for their hours-long search. IC, however, my character has commented that someone is going to get hypothermia sooner or later and has offered the use of her boat to several people in an attempt to stop them from swimming out there, so long as they return it the mooring near her home.
  13. K2U

    DayZRP 20.11.2

    Deebs' epic quest to fail to catch a chicken to throw in the soup pot now begins. These look fantastic, can't wait to check them out!
  14. The idea of a custom bridge is interesting in general, but if the goal is to make the trader less tedious to get to, wouldn't it be much easier to just move the trade post? Plus, I feel anything more then a very slapdash sort of construction (or the array of things washed up that sort of make a bridge to prison island) wouldn't really fit the lore at all. Why not have the traders realize they'll get a lot more customers if they move to the small island which already has a bridge, saving the need for another mod? Edit: I may have misunderstood, and this would be more of a prefab/static object to be added in rather than a mod that would have to be added.
  15. Nah, the trader who deals in eastern-style weapons is up north east in Turovo. If your character asks someone from the Berezino area they'll probably be able to point you in the right direction, as long as they're not the sort likely to point a gun at you instead.
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