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  1. Though I play a fairly passive character I absolutely love hostile roleplay, even when I am almost always on the victim end of the situation. Just yesterday I was held up, briefly taken hostage, interrogated by a group of armed individuals who (it appeared to be, and my character believes) had mistaken me for someone else. At every point, from the car chase down the highway and into the fields, to being cut free and ordered not to return to the area, the hostile parties were engaging with my character, responding and interacting with her responses, and when she was let go only a small, token amount of items were stolen despite my having several more generally desired things on me, including ammunition. I know the information my character learned, along with the scarring that will come when her wounds heal, will absolutely contribute to her character growth. By the end of the night it had already raised interactions with one of her friends, and will likely lead to further conflict down the road should my character encounter those aggressors again. I’m looking forward to seeing where it all goes. On the flip side, I have witnessed or experienced pointless hostile actions that generated no or extremely little roleplay for any of the parties involved. Earlier in the thread people mentioned the community projects that were started in Gieraltow and some of the surrounding towns, where players from a variety of backgrounds - even some with otherwise extremely hostile backgrounds - banded together to try and create drop points where food, survival equipment, and medical supplies could be left and shared for others. These drop points were repeatedly raided, which is absolutely fair game in the rules, and the containers were repeatedly stolen, which is again absolutely fair in the rules. Eventually sheds were built and stocked on the hope that at least these wouldn’t be stolen or destroyed, but unfortunately that was not the case. With few exceptions these raids happened when no other players were around and the thieves did not leave indications of who they might be, why the goods were stolen or why the community project was targeted, or why the sheds themselves were eventually destroyed when everything contained within them was freely accessible. Other than some broad investigation by a few characters, which lead to only the vague and most likely conclusion that one of the large, hostile groups on the server were likely involved, there were no threads for roleplay to continue from. I want to make it clear that I am not against base raiding, nor am I against offline base raiding. Both of my homes, in which only civilians lived, have been repeatedly raided. On two occasions I caught the thieves red-handed and wound up engaged in fantastic hostile roleplay, once as an innocent bystander who was let go after questioning and once I was held at gunpoint and forced to watch as my belongings were being carried away. In both situations the aggressors were interacting with my (admittingly terrified) character, and her actions and words impacted the way that the raid went down. Better still, because she had a strong suspicion of who the thieves were, she was able to rally her friends and neighbors to try and contact the group and eventually one of them negotiated with the thieves for several days. A great deal of roleplay came from a simple breaking-and-entering scenario, and my character’s strong dislike of a given group was further backed up by the robbery. I strongly believe that nearly all hostile situations can, if done correctly, lead to roleplay for both the aggressor and the victim of the situation. While no one wants to get caught breaking into a base with the hacksaw right there in their hands, and getting away without leaving a trace or clue to your actions makes absolute sense from your character’s perspective, we also have to consider the roleplay perspective. When I have broken into other people’s fortified locations I have picked every one of my targets for roleplay reasons, taken items that made sense for my character (and my character’s allies if she had some with her at the time of the robbery) while leaving supplies or items that she would not have a use for, and in some cases flat-out left a note for the homeowner to find in the hopes that the story could be continued for all involved. Hostile roleplay isn't what's going wrong in my opinion - hostile actions that do not involve or lead to roleplay are the problem.
  2. While I have voted in favor of adding this mod, I am concerned that all of the items it adds have a very military theme to them. I know that, due to stability issues, there are only a certain number of mods that the server can handle, and if we add another one that caters exclusively to the military themed characters, that's one less opportunity for civilian themed characters to get a mod that adds items to work with their characters, especially when there are already a wide variety of military items in game.
  3. K2U


    I've found a surprising number of cabinets in or on the trunks of crashed police cars. Of course, lugging one back home after finding it might be tricky if you don't have a car of your own.
  4. Additional Information: Although the majority of my interactions with staff in the help desk was on voice, I do have some discord logs from the follow up conversation I had. One of the staff members I talked to that day was Duke, and the day of the incident in which my house was broken into and the locks changed was 3/2/2020. In these logs you can see myself and Duke discussing the incident and me asking to get in contact with the person who changed the locks so that I could learn if they were intending to continue the roleplay/return to my base with the changed locks. However, neither I nor staff were able to get in contact with the player, and in the logs you can that I told Duke that I had sawed off the new locks myself, and that I was satisfied with dealing with the situation in-character. I can provide screenshots of these logs if requested.
  5. Tresseta Brazowe's POV: Although my character's home was raided the other day and she lost most of her supplies, she did have a few hack saws laying around in another location. While she was out scavenging in an attempt to get back to where she had been before being raided, she found a few more hacksaws and decided that what comes around goes around. She then prowled around several cities in the north attempting to find a location that may be tied to the people she suspects are the ones that broke into her home and stole her belongings. Eventually she settled on the base in the OP report, carefully checked to see if anyone was home, and used hack saws to remove locks. I am uncertain as to why the logs show that so many locks were removed, as my character only cut off two combinations locks: one was on the outer gate (a the edge of the porch of the house) and one was on the inner gate (in the existing doorway of the house). Once inside the home my character considered everything that she found, and I recall seeing two or three cabinets as well as two or three barrels and a sleeping bag. After carefully looking through all of the belongings my character was unable to determine if the house was, in fact, owned by the people who she suspected raided her home. Because of this, she only took a small amount of supplies and a single rifle (and I made sure that the only items left on the ground were the broken hacksaws, a splitting ax I dropped to make room for the rifle, and a few other items of my own that I dropped to make room for the supplies being stolen). Because my character wanted to learn more about the home owner before potentially returning to steal more items or replace the things she had just stolen she took two three-digit locks from the base's containers and placed them on the doors with an extremely simple code (which I can PM to staff if requested). My character then left the area in search of additional information, fully intending to return to the house one way or another later that day or the next day. However, when my character returned many hours later, now believing that the house did in fact belong to the people who had broken into her own home, and intending to steal additional items, the combination on the outside lock had been changed. Because my character believed that the code on the door would be the one she left, she did not bring additional hack saws with her at the time she returned to the house. Several weeks ago one of my character's homes was raided and the locks were changed. I contacted staff in the Help Desk to ask if this was considered griefing, and I was told that if the thief had placed the locks with the intention of returning to the base or taking over the base for themselves that replacing locks and/or changing the combination of locks was permitted. When I broke into the base in the OP report I fully intended to return for additional theft or to return some of the stolen items, based on what information I could learn about the location and the owner. Because of the information I was given in the Help Desk by staff members in the previous situation I believed that replacing the locks I had removed with the hacksaws was permitted. I believe someone else may have raided the house after me as the outer combination lock was not the combination I left, and I did not steal a cabinet full of supplies (I may have picked one up and moved it as the house was quite cramped and I may have been trying to get around to all the other containers, but I do not remember even doing this). If replacing the locks was not permitted, and I misunderstood the information that was provided to me by the members of staff in the Help Desk, I accept any punishment associated with this rule break and sincerely apologize to the owner of the base in the OP. Edit: I have no video evidence and I had no allies when breaking into the location in the OP report.
  6. Wish granted, but the plants now grow more aggressively than kudzu. I wish my roommate would remember it is his turn to wash the dishes.
  7. I know that some containers can be placed inside of other containers and while sometimes this would make perfect sense (such as a small medical kit tucked inside of a large water proof bag rattling around inside of a backpack you are wearing, which is something I've done while hiking in real life) and sometimes it would make sense with a bit of creative licence (such as one cooking pot inside of another cooking pot, which you can do in real life provided that the pots aren't the exact same size and shape) I am wondering about the times that it just wouldn't make sense at all due to the physical size of the containers in question. While cabinets do come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and thus a cabinet that was smaller in appearance might be able to be wrangled inside of a larger appearing cabinet, every one of them I have ever seen has been much too narrow to hold the much larger appearing barrels, despite what game mechanics dictate. When is it alright to nest containers inside of other containers?
  8. K2U

    Locked inside

    One day this is going to be a hilarious story to tell around the campfire.
  9. There's an update! With one of the recent patches, you can once more put a hatchet into the utility belt. Double update! You can also put the item "field shovel" into the same spot as the hatchet. It's one or the other, can't have both. Still not sure what goes into the last slot.
  10. Looks really interesting. My character has bumped into you guys quite a few times. Good luck going official!
  11. Unfortunately that's a standard canvas bag. The one that is vexing me is a large canvas bag. Very handy visual guide for the small canvas bag, though. Thanks!
  12. I bounced into a couple Discord servers the other day trying to figure out what on earth went into the last slot on backpack that I picked up, and while no one had the answer, more than one person remarked that they too had items that they couldn’t figure out the attachments for. I thought if there was a centralized place where people could list those stubborn spots we could solve a couple of the mysteries. Jump on in with your own stories of uncooperative equipment, what as worked in each slot, and what you have tried and failed to hook on to it. Utility Belt Map | Compass OR Pocketwatch | Radio | Flashlight | Pliers OR Wrench | Handcuffs | Hatchet OR Field Shovel| Unknown | Screwdriver | Knife (no sheath needed) | Battery (in the Radio) | Battery (in the Flashlight) Things Tried: Hammer, Handcuff Keys, Glowstick, Rope, Belt Pouch, Canteen, Binoculars Large Canvas Bag Canteen OR Belt Bag | Splitting Axe OR Rifle OR long stick (possibly any weapon?) | Glowstick | Unknown Things Tried: Hatchet, Baseball Bat, Splitting Axe, Belt Pouch, Canteen, Binoculars
  13. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I popped into waiting for staff help on Discord at a bit of an odd hour, when there weren't many staff available, but Duke spotted me and was able to help right away. I got a clear answer to my initial question and he was happy to elaborate on the options I had available for the given situation. I appreciate that he took the time to explain things since I'm still fairly new to the server and my one question unexpectedly turned into about five, all of which were answered in a friendly and helpful way. Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  14. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: Server-wide broadcast message around 3:00 am (CST/GMT-6) or so that mentioned the server would be going down, and that mods would be removed, followed by a server message stating the server would shut down in less than three minutes. Feedback: I would first like to say that I appreciate that the server downtime was done at an hour when fewer players would be online, even if it means you personally had to stay up to a late hour in order to make the changes, especially since this time was outside of the hours stated in your profile. I would also like to mention that I understand that as a game DayZ is always going to have bugs and issues, sometimes very severe ones, and that dealing with these issues might require drastic changes. However, I feel that communication with the players who were online at the time could have been improved to greatly reduce the impact of having the mods removed. Suggestions for improvement: Small changes to communication, such as listing what mods would be removed in the server wide message(s), would have given players time to transfer items out of the vehicles and pockets that would soon be vanishing from the game. While it is very likely that everyone would not have had room to move all of their gear safely, it would at least have allowed people to move the most critical items into places where they knew they would not be at risk for loss. Additionally, allowing slightly more time (even as little as ten minutes) before taking the server down would give players a better chance at getting to safety, and in this instance, time to begin removing items from vehicles or pockets that would be removed. I do understand that some of the time there is simply no time to communicate a large amount of information (or allow a greater amount of time before the server must come down) because the situation is an emergency. Due to my limited knowledge of running game servers, I have no way to know if this was one such emergency situation in which every minute counted for the overall well being of the server. PS: I have been told that you are the only admin who is able to handle this type of situation. If I was given incorrect information, and another admin took down the server and made the mod changes, please let me know and I will move this feedback to the appropriate thread.
  15. My character is a native Livonian, but I as a player cannot speak a word of Polish. When she is speaking in her native tongue I use text to indicate that what she is speaking is in Polish, and when I encounter someone for the first time, or a new person joins a conversation, I copy/paste a line indicating her heavy accent and broken English. Although I do not make an attempt at an accent for her (I feel I would do a terrible job due to my limited voice acting skills, and that it would only take away from the character's realism, rather than contribute to it), I do use intentional grammatical errors and a slower pace of speaking that people who are struggling with a second language often make in real life. As far as I know, of the dozens of people I have encountered, none seemed to have trouble understanding the situation, and several complimented me for how I handled my character. When I want to throw in a little splash of Polish, for something common like "good morning", Google is my best friend. I'm really glad I tried out the concept, as the character has developed into something really enjoyable, but I was very intimidated at first by the notion of having to deal with her abilities and limitations of communication. Don't let that worry stop you, or anyone else, from trying out a cool character concept.
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